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I'm wondering if anyone has a contact at Chevrolet, a step above the dealer level? My elderly father's 96 2500 van blew the tranny at 59,000 miles. This truck is driven empty all but six days a year, when he goes to the car show flea markets with his wares. The dealer wont cut him any slack on the ($2000) repair. I think its rediculous for a tranny to blow, with light use, in that time frame and am looking for some help for him.

Suggestions and/or referrals are welcomed.


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When did the warranty expire? If it was yesterday you might have an argument. I'd write a letter straight to the GM customer service office. When my dad bought my mom a new mini van in 1990, he got her a dodge and it had a new 4 speed tranny in it, which consumer reports said had problems. He wrote a letter to crysler, and they wrote back, saying they'd stand behind their new great tranny as long as we owned the fan. It's 12 years old now, and has had 2 new trannys, and 2 or 3 rebuilds, all for free. Sometimes it doesn't hurt to go right to the top, and let them know, you like their product, but will not stand for them to have an occasional lapse in quality. Hope this helps.



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That is why I have the ext warranty. However the original warranty is 3/36, so unless Gm wants some good will to be bestowed upon your dad, he may be out of luck.

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The reason I went to Dodge was the terrible treatment I got from Chevy Customer assistance.I have owned 6 Gm trucks,88-95,3 of them the paint delaminated.Gm would do nothing about it,the last one happened 1 month out of warranty-truck only had 30K on it,it was mint.I have taken 7-8000 in losses in value,due to this,any delaminating truck,is worth about 22-2500 less than one without peeling paint X 3 trucks.I would be amazed if you get that tranny warrantied,although,it is without a doubt a factory defect in workmanship or materials to have it fail at 59K.Good luck to you.

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