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Who needs a skidloader??

I had to move one of my snowpiles today. So I dont have a skid loader, so I had to do it the manual way. Chopped into it with a pick/ice scraper thing, to knock the chunks down. Then I stacked it with the truck. It was a good workout, lol
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haha tom i love that eastlake meyer plow u wrote it on the front only in ohio. and i did it last year at home had a pile 6ft high 30ft long about 14 wide and we had no room in the driveway so i go out the B coal scoop and a t shirt and was out there sweating my ass off moved it in about 2 hrs. o ya i was slammin bottles of green tea while doing this. always gotta have the fluids ya know safety first


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one easy way to bust up frozen piles is to just throw a couple bags of ice melt on top of the frozen pile and a couple hours later you would be able to move it with your truck.


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i woulda charged out the wazzu to do that work...but then i might as well of rented a skiddy....thats how we do it here...bet that was a great work out though

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Longisland, NY
Sydenstricker Landscaping;519254 said:
Yeah, lol. It is still going bye bye this spring. A nice Boss plow is going on the front instead:D
That is a good choice, I am very happy with my Boss. Nice pictures by the way keep them coming.

Sydenstricker Landscaping

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It only took me an hour and a little but to do it. It was almost 50 degrees here, so a perfect time to do it. I didnt want to bust it loose with the truck, the top 2 feet were nothing but ice chunks. It was a good work out for me. I need to do something to stay in shape over the winter months, lol. I have thought about even shoveling a few of my drives I do. But then again I am all crazy like that. I wasnt going to rent a skid for this one little pile. If I had a bunch of places to do like that, I would have rented a skid. Probably would have only taken me ten mintutes, lol.

The wings are holding up real nice on the plow. Sure cuts back on my time that I am at places. And I push straight alot more than I used to. I will definetly always have wings on my plows from now on.

I think Clap's truck would have fallen apart trying to do that, LOL J/K with ya Ron

Kevin you like that hillbilly Meyer thing I put on there?? Yep only us rednecks in lake county do that,lol. One of my other friends did the same exact thing to his, lol. Hasnt worn off yet, which is amazing.

I have been torn between the Boss and the Snowdogg, but I am going with the Boss. There is much more dealer support and a history following the Boss versus a year or two with the Snowdogg. I have never heard anyone say they hate their Boss plows either, lol