Who may be plowing on Christmas?

Discussion in 'Commercial Snow Removal' started by Alan, Dec 24, 2000.

  1. Alan

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    Forecast (depending on who you listen to) for NW Vermont is (Pick one) A dusting

    2-4 inches

    3-6 inches

    I'm ready for whatever one (if any) is correct.
  2. GeoffD

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    Maybe a dusting to 1" my way. I put everyone on notice, just incase.

  3. John Allin

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    We got 12" today. We're just finishing up with those places that HAD to be done today. Most everyone is closed. We have 12" more coming tonight. We'll be back out at 2 AM, hopefully done by 6 AM so guys can go home to enjoy at least some of Christmas. Then back out at 6 PM to do 'em ALL for Tuesday morning.

    Could use a few day break, and it looks like it might come over New Years.
  4. tjg

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    Not very often do we even get 3" or 4" of snow a year, but this year we have already had 6" to 8" a week ago and right know we are getting ready to have (under warning) 6" to 12" for Oklahoma this could shut everything down for a while. I sure am gald I bought that new 773 Bobcat a month ago, I was hoping we would have some snow to pay on it.My christmas wish is coming. I got everything ready for this storm this am, now I'am out of town and will be back ready to work christmas day or evening, they said the storm is slooow moooving and will last about 3 days.
  5. SlimJim Z71

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    Looks like I'm gonna have a quiet week as far as the snow goes. I keep hearing rumors about the potential of a pretty big storm on Wednesday though, but Intellicast and weather.com aren't saying anything about it.

    Hmmmm.... either way, I'd better get healthy.

  6. tru cut

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    We got about an inch this afternoon thay are calling for up to 3" but it has quit right now and the stars are out I will get up and check tonight just in case.
  7. Mudrtrukr79

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    No plow but the trucks loaded

    Pittsburgh is expecting 2-3 inches between now and Christmas night , not enough for a plow but before I left work yesterday I loaded a full 10 ton on the truck , set the tailgate chains , opened the auger plate,and put the tire chains on (Pittsburgh DPW trucks are 90% 2WDs). If anything jumps off all I have to do is jump in the truck open the tailgate and start my routes . Hopefully I wont have to. John, my hats off to you guys in Erie both public and private, it may be flat but damn is it deep.A friend of mine just recently moved to Erie to work for Apria home health care and hes constantly telling me about regular snowfalls that would paralyse Pittsburgh. MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ALL AND TO ALL A PLOW FREE NIGHT

  8. RB

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    Just saw you a DPW plow driver. Hats off to ya. You guys deserve some respect. About two weeks ago I had a small parking lot plowed near Mellon Arena and was having trouble getting my spreader to spin (auger stuck). A DPW plow driver (without saying a word to me) drove in the lot took one spin around and spread salt. He gave me a "thumbs up" and off he went.

    I take care of some commercial lots in downtown and several in Mt. Washington.

    Do you ever have the pleasure to shovel on the Smithfield St. bridge? (just kidding)

    Maybe I'll see ya around.

  9. guido

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    Just got in!

    Just got in from plowing - 3 AM on Christmas day! The war doesn't stop for holidays!! ;) We gave the guys a couple hour break so they can go to church this morning and make their calls home, etc, but then we're headed back out at noon to clean up.

    Hope everyone has a merry x-mas!
  10. jammin

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    Christmas snow

    Yes here in the snowbelt we can get up to 4 to 6. thought it would hit sunday but no luck. Thats the way it goes gotta do it when the white stuff hits,Merry Christmas to all and good night. jammin
  11. Michael F

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    The wind is coming in off the lake, forcast isn't clear how much predicted. Right now(10:45) nothing but dusting, and very, very light snow. I call one operator, put him on call, I'll be up tonight checking. Radar showed no bands of snow set up yet.
  12. John Allin

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    We didn't get another foot, but about 3". Fine by us. Just got done and everybody home to open packages. I'm gonna sleep. Dinner with family this afternoon. And then back out in full force tonight between 8 & 9 PM as there is only flurries predicted for this afternoon and tonight.

    But now, they tell us snow every day from Tuesday afternoon thru Saturday.

    We are tired. 35 days in a row now. Record for us is 1992-93 when we went 62 days in a row, got two days off and then went 24 days in a row. We were much smaller then.

    Noses are bleeding from all the hot dry air in trucks. Stuff's starting to break - and the chewing gum, bailing twine and duct tape isn't doing it anymore. Now have guys using backup trucks and blades to keep going.

    Money is nice, a full nights sleep would be nice too.

    Not complaining...... if I wish too hard, it'll stop and we'll get three weeks of rain..... don't need THAT either.

    Keep smiling.
    Merry Christmas.
    Thanks for listening.
  13. OP

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    Got to plow on Christmas

    Well,, the forecasts were ALL right! Within about a 10 mile span there is anywhere from a dusting to to 8". Where I live there was about 1 1/2", two miles north a dusting. Two miles east there is 4" and abit southeast of that there is 8" according to another plower over there. I got out about 7, 1 1/2", no big deal. Did the trailer park and one store that was open and headed over to check on of our condos. 4",, cuffed that back and headed down the road, next stop had 4"+, called my son and had him bring a second truck. We finished that one and I did our last condo while he opened 3 residentials. Now the rest of the family is going to do the holiday thing. I'm going to sleep a while, then go back out and do all our commercials and get them salted. Hopefully I'll get most of a nights sleep so I can be all bright eyed and bushytailed tomorrow so I can finish working on the A-frame for the old Western plow.
  14. Deere John

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    Merry Christmas to everyone here.

    We got 6" with 20-30 mph wind gusts, so we were busy. Managed to do a "quick" 11 and 1/2 hour pass to tidy things until later.

    Ho Ho Ho.
  15. jason2

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    Got called out to do some cleanups. Temp was a few degrees above freezing so everything is melting. Going out in a hour to start cleaning up apartment complexes
  16. thelawnguy

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    Big East Coast storm for Friday. Details at 11 :)
  17. BRL

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    Let's cross the fingers real tight to try to get the 2 storms to catch up with each other!!
  18. Mudrtrukr79

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    Smithfield street bridge

    RB , I have shoveled that damn Smithfield street bridge more times than I care to mention, thats where I go when my trucks broke down and it snows.If you do Mellon arena Ive probably seen you a few times as I used to have the route that the driver that helped you was on .Most of the guys out of that division (3rd) are pretty good people and will help someone out if they can. Lately Ive been salting the Carrick -Overbrook area but I can end up just about anywhere as Im not assigned to any particular area when it snows. Ive heard news of a big storm for this weekend ....guess we'll have to wait and see.