Who insures you?


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I have ERIE insurance. It's the best price i found for what i need for my co. policy covers landscape co. and snowplowing. 2 million dollar policy. the more employees, the more cost goes up. i pay about $ 145.00/ month for 8 months. shop around and discuss your needs for best policy and price.


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We have shopped around just to get someone to take us, for snow only. Its a full year policy, they wont let you cancel after 6 mos. I currently have autoowners. Work comp and 1mil/2mil gen liability is about $2500 per year.


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Our insurance is w/Nation Wide. In my opinion they stink. Maybe they don't stink, but my agent sure does. When I call her it seems that before I get a sentence out of my mouth she interrupts and say "it's not covered." I end up having to call the headquarters and get some a$$ who wants to put me on tape before we discuss anything.

I kept them because I needed a 2M policy. Now I only need a 1M policy. I have auto insurance w/Geico and they seem good. Does anyone have GEICO for biz insurance and how are they?


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