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Who here is farthest South?

Discussion in 'Commercial Snow Removal' started by ScottyB., Jan 17, 2003.

  1. ScottyB.

    ScottyB. Member
    Messages: 55

    It looks like Florida has a better chance at snow than we do here in NE Wisconsin. I know I'm in the same boat as most of you so I'm not going to complain. Especially since I don't do this plow thing for a living.
    How far south does this "Plowsite" reach. I used to laugh at the guys on here from the south. But now I envy them. A guy could almost make a living at this as far south as KY.
    I was down in Lexington a couple years back when they had 3 inches of snow. It was mass hysteria! No offense, but Indiana has no idea how to handle the white stuff either. We were warned to stay away from Indianapolis because they were paralysed with 12" of snow. It took me 16 hrs to get home. Should have been 8-10. It was the storm that dumped 24" on Chicago on New Years. Fortunetly the rental company screwed up and gave me an SUV instead of the car I ordered. Someone was watching out for us that day.
    Enough rambling from me.
    So who here plows in the south?
    Have a good one.


    PS. It looks like you Chicago boys may get lucky this weekend.

  2. BRIMOW525

    BRIMOW525 Senior Member
    Messages: 259

    central Delaware here
  3. Alaska Ranger

    Alaska Ranger Junior Member
    Messages: 4

    I guess at 63*02' North, I lose....
  4. Got Grass?

    Got Grass? Senior Member
    Messages: 641

    Farthest south has to be Big Jim from NZ, it's the middle of summer there.
  5. SnoJob67

    SnoJob67 Senior Member
    Messages: 384

    Central, IL here. It looks like we may have a role reversal this season with Northern IL. If so, we will have 100% of our average and they will be lucky to reach 75% unless they get a couple of big storms. We have been very fortunate so far. We have plowed 3 storms (4-5 pushes) and salted two of them. That would be on par for our average to this point in the season since January and February are our most active months as a rule.

    I really feel for those of you with no snow. On the other hand, we lived through the same situation last season. There are areas of our state that have not seen a trace of snow this season while the southern part of our state has had 3-4 plowable storms. Good luck and I hope you guys up north don't steal all of our snow. :eek:

  6. Lanelle

    Lanelle Member
    Messages: 32

    Northern VA, DC area. We have had 5 events already. Not lots of snow but more work than usual and COLD!
  7. SnowGodFather

    SnowGodFather Member
    Messages: 330

    St. Louis, Mo

    4 events so far this season. Glad I got to pay for my investments I made all in this year.
  8. The Mowerdude

    The Mowerdude Junior Member
    Messages: 22

    Nashville, Tennessee here.

    I bought my plow 3 years ago and have had to listen to the comments ranging from good-natured ribbing to some freaking redkneck telling me what a stupid waste of money this "snow" thing was here in the south.

    Well I got redemption this week as we got a whopping 8 inches in about 4 hours. (Ok, it's whopping for Tennessee.) Suddenly everyone's my best friend. Calls coming out of the woodwork including entire school districts. People were chasing me down in traffic and wanting to hire me on the spot. I plowed for 16 hours and made $2400. I would have made more but I broke the plow. I'm kinda glad, too, cause I needed the break.

    Well, I WAS a newbie, now I'm deflowered. :D
  9. Mick

    Mick PlowSite.com Veteran
    from Maine
    Messages: 5,546

    Congratulations, Mowerdude. That kind of thing was the subject of another thread. You can make more money, faster in an area with little snowfall than here where a ten inch snowfall is common. Some people wouldn't even bother having 8" plowed. Let alone chasing you down.
  10. J&R

    J&R Junior Member
    Messages: 7

    I in north Georgia. Did snow remove & d ice last week.
  11. pjslawncare

    pjslawncare Member
    Messages: 32

    Here in the southern tip of Indiana I had four plowing events this year. The worst part of it is dealing with all the idiot drivers that dont have a clue how to drive on snow covered streets.:realmad:
  12. The Mowerdude

    The Mowerdude Junior Member
    Messages: 22

    We've got lots and lots of those. The worst ones are the ones that have 4x4 SUVs and, thinking that 4 wheel drive makes them impervious, they speed up while talking on the cell phone.

    And you gotta love those guys that decide that the 4 wheel drive capability gives them permission to turn the median into a "members only" lane.
  13. cclllc

    cclllc Junior Member
    from tn
    Messages: 13

    Hey mowerdude.You are right on.I live in Lebanon,Tn. and I bet I passed 20 vehicles in the ditch within a couple of miles last week.I went cruising by in my little s10 wishing I had a 4x4 to pull them out.Maybe this year I can buy an old one for such things.
  14. golfmanres

    golfmanres Senior Member
    Messages: 150

    Northern Viriginia Washington Dc area. Fairfax County. Lots of little events. More to look forward to soon. Hopefully on thursday of this week the 23 of january
  15. windmill

    windmill Senior Member
    Messages: 224

    Wow, lots of new plowers on this thread. Welcome to you all. Especially Alaska Ranger to whom I feel very close being in BC. No snow here but I'm sure there's lots there?
  16. ScottyB.

    ScottyB. Member
    Messages: 55

    Cool, Mowerdude.
    I think that's the kind of story everyone envisions when they buy a plow... Well at least I did.
    Good Job.

    Buy the way, Sorry to have seen your Titans go down in flames yesterday. Are you a fan?
    Last edited: Jan 20, 2003
  17. The Mowerdude

    The Mowerdude Junior Member
    Messages: 22

    You better beleive I'm a fan!!

    But I gotta tell you. The Titans are a really tough team to beat.......when they don't beat themselves. They are a really emotional bunch of guys. They allow others to psych them and that's exactly what Oakland did. And that's why the Titans lost.

    When the time comes that these guys can maintain their cool no matter what, they'll be Super Bowl material every year.
  18. jakegypsum

    jakegypsum Senior Member
    Messages: 101

    I'm from southern New Jersey. We havn't had much here, (one minor accumulation, couple dustings).
    I was down in the Cayman Islands two weeks ago. I passed a Jeep with a Meyer setup. I had to take a double take. I could not believe it. I would have to say that that is the farthest south that I have ever traveled and saw a plow truck. What that person would use it for, you got me. Maybe he has some other purpose or rig that gets hooked to the harness.
    Hey Mowerdude. I would have to say that your Titans played hard Sunday night reguardless the loss to the Raiders. A lot harder than my Eagles. The Eagles looked great for the first three minutes. Then after that, forget it. Oh well.