who has the easiest job?


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Who has it the easiest oh all my guys? Who do you think really earns their keep?

1. The loader/backhoe opperator
2. The Guys that drive the tractors and compact loader with the 9' blades.
3. The guys in the skid steers.
4. The guys that drive the big trucks F 650 and F 750. the big sanding trucks.
5. The guys in the F 350-F 550 doing commercial and sanding
6. The guys in the pick ups doing residential a few pick ups do commercial work too.
7. The shovelers.

I think the shovel guys really earn their keep, because they are out there on any event. If they are not treating walks on a dusting or ice event, the are shoving. I would say the guys that run the sanders that are out every event would be # 2. I say the guys who run the big blades and pushers have it the easiest.

What do you guys think?



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I cant believe this hasnt gotten a reply yet. Well your employees will probably say that you have the easiest job.
Of course we all know you have the hardest job.

John Allin

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Erie, PA
Our salt trucks are "dedicated" trucks, no plows. I think those dudes have the easiest job - and get the most overtime.

Sidewalk crews have the ugliest job. Nasty out there. That's why they get paid the most too.

Dispatcher has the hardest job, putting up with guys on radios and Nextel's, putting up with customers on the phone, putting up with whining sidewalk guys, and putting up with me......

Ed Altheide

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I couldn't agree with you more. Dispatchers have to keep everyone happy and we catch heck from all ends.
It's not the hardest physical job but a good dispatcher can schedule jobs efficiently, keep customers happy and make everything run smoother.

Lori Altheide (Ed's better half)

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The one with the easiest job is my dog Mulch who sleeps through the whole storm in my truck.This dog can sleep for 40 hours straight and still be tired.John Allen met him and its the laziest Pitbull i have ever seen.
Speaking of dogs, I bring my Basset Hound on occasion - he is somewhat grumpy at other times.

I have got 3 jobs on account of me rolling down the window and a dog-lover struck up a conversation. My hound doesn't work too hard either, but he gets results!

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