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Who has seen the 2011 superduty?

Discussion in 'Ford Trucks' started by Ramairfreak98ss, Mar 4, 2010.

  1. Ramairfreak98ss

    Ramairfreak98ss PlowSite.com Addict
    Messages: 1,931

    Its pretty sick. 390hp/735tq to start.

    Im going to the dealer tomorrow to get them to work a quote on a 11' f550 crew cab, xlt, diesel/6 speed auto, nav screen display, 4" gauges display option, all power everything inside with bucket seats and mirror options, 4x4 on a 200" frame

    When my socks get knocked off in the 60-65k range though ill probably re-consider those used f550s haha. Want to see anyway, my uncle bought his truck at this place new and a buddy knows them well, not sure if that will help. They sell alot commercially so that might be a plus. If they'll sell 11s with their 0% finance offer im sure to get one. If not, id consider the current 2010 or just look used strictly.

    I think if i drove one though id pay more than i probably "should" on this truck.
  2. PTSolutions

    PTSolutions PlowSite.com Addict
    Messages: 1,537

    i havent seen one in person and im stoked to hear some real world reviews on them. when they come out ill be looking for an 10' f550 for an awesome deal
  3. PrecisionSnow

    PrecisionSnow Member
    Messages: 71

    What are the 4" gauges you to which you referred?

    I ordered an F350 tonight and didn't see that option anywhere.....
  4. MileHigh

    MileHigh PlowSite.com Addict
    Messages: 1,827

    <object width="853" height="505"><param name="movie" value="http://www.youtube.com/v/2_-7yDQ2YMU&hl=en_US&fs=1&color1=0x234900&color2=0x4e9e00"></param><param name="allowFullScreen" value="true"></param><param name="allowscriptaccess" value="always"></param><embed src="http://www.youtube.com/v/2_-7yDQ2YMU&hl=en_US&fs=1&color1=0x234900&color2=0x4e9e00" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" allowscriptaccess="always" allowfullscreen="true" width="853" height="505"></embed></object>
  5. ajslands

    ajslands 2000 Club Member
    Messages: 2,033

    I saw it I'll post pics later
  6. f250man

    f250man PlowSite Veteran
    Messages: 3,124

    One bad ass truck right there
  7. suzuki0702

    suzuki0702 Senior Member
    Messages: 649

    saw 3 at the auto show here in cleveland...nasty nasty trucks man.. ford by far has the best truck out right now...
  8. creativedesigns

    creativedesigns PlowSite.com Addict
    Messages: 1,929

    What would a new truck do? Would it make you more money than getting a "decent used truck"? Think about it. 70K on a truck is alot to pay for. Getting a used truck is far less expensive, & does the same thing.

    Once its fully paid for, then you've "bought" it. Otherwise you basically just signed for it....
  9. ajslands

    ajslands 2000 Club Member
    Messages: 2,033

    Unless you got the dewalt truck, which has a air compressor in it, so you could do winteration on sprinkler systems and wouldent have to buy one and the 600lb crane on the back could lift logs in te back and you could put a plow on it
  10. Matson Snow

    Matson Snow PlowSite.com Addict
    Messages: 1,985

    You Look COOL driving around in that 70K Truck....Then when the Repo man comes and gets it...I get that truck at half price.....Im with you Creative...A 70 thousand dollar truck pushes snow the same as a 35 thousand dollar truck....
  11. Stik208

    Stik208 PlowSite.com Addict
    Messages: 1,319

    Looks good but after seeing that I would hate to see the XL model. The engine sounds quite at idle like most diesels nowadays, but looks like a nightmare to work on like the 6.4. The gadgets and gizmos are nice but it seems like a large distraction to the driver. I also wouldn't pay 70k for a truck,
  12. PrecisionSnow

    PrecisionSnow Member
    Messages: 71

    The truck I ordered is a bit more than $70,000....and I'll love it every minute I drive it.

    My last "daily driver" was a 2001 F-350, bought new and is still working with over 210,000 kms. That's the point....buying used is one option, the other option is buying new, with warranty, you take care of it and keep it for awhile.

    The new truck will not be depreciating down to $35,000 any time soon.....
  13. Tbrothers

    Tbrothers Senior Member
    Messages: 140

    Awesome Truck Ford has out done themselves on this one. Not sure I'd buy one right know,let them work the bugs out first.I would probably opt for the gas motor.
  14. R0LLM0DL

    R0LLM0DL Junior Member
    Messages: 16

    why would u opt for the gas and not the diesel....

    the diesel is going to put out some sick hp and tq #'s
  15. PTSolutions

    PTSolutions PlowSite.com Addict
    Messages: 1,537

    dont like the new rims (look cheap and too chromey) and i think i like the current front end better, it might grow on me though. other than those two things i think this truck is sick! and why are you guys throwing around 70K for this truck? mine listed for 53K, diesel, crew cab, long bed, srw 350 with the lariat package, basically has everything xcept nav system, and i got them down to 46k out the door with warranties up to 200K. fords already stated that the diesel option will not increase in price from the current 6.4's.

    maybe a loaded out king ranch 450 will surpass 70K but for a 250/350 no way.

    oh wait i forgot you guys are in Canada...sux for you...
  16. PTSolutions

    PTSolutions PlowSite.com Addict
    Messages: 1,537

    what?! why didnt they make the grill come up with the hood like the current superduties!! thats gonna get scratched up when working in there.
  17. Ramairfreak98ss

    Ramairfreak98ss PlowSite.com Addict
    Messages: 1,931

    apparently that will be hard to do.. Seems not a LOT of 2010s are made, kinda like the 07s back before 08s took over for 90% of that year.

    And most dealers with the economy are NOT stocking any commercial stuff, or very few.

    This dealer 5 years ago i have pictures of their lot, they had probably 100+ commercial f350s-550s, vans f750s etc. many with bodies already, the works.

    Their lot seriously has two F350/450 single cabs there now, one dump truck that someone ordered and a couple of those transit vans.. sucks.
  18. Ramairfreak98ss

    Ramairfreak98ss PlowSite.com Addict
    Messages: 1,931

    its the 4" lcd in middle of your tach and speedo.. its part of the xlt preffered pack or lariat/kr package.
  19. Ramairfreak98ss

    Ramairfreak98ss PlowSite.com Addict
    Messages: 1,931

    i agree.. Never said anything about it being more productive, just new. Weve never bought a new truck prior, always a year or two old. The one 06 F350 was bought with 3k on it at the end of 06, it was "almost" new lol.

    We'll own this truck forever like the rest of them so 70k spread out over 10 years of service or more isnt bad. By next fall ill probably pick up a couple mason dump f450/550s for plowing too with diesels for closer to 25k each, and theyll plow the same.

    Ive looked through hundreds of used trucks. Its very RARE and most are not near NJ at all for a 05+ F550, crew cab, 4x4, NOT xl package, 200" wb with no body or 12' landscaper body. Some bodies the doors dont come off for operating a salt spreader and so on. Seems every truck i find is overpriced for what it is or how beat up it is so ill buy what i want for this one truck and buy the others used.

    I think i will be swapping out the rear leaf spring system on it though with that fancy air bag system with the trac bars off each bracket. Will ride smoother like an f250 when empty and not be so bogged down and bouncy when its loaded up fully.
  20. Ramairfreak98ss

    Ramairfreak98ss PlowSite.com Addict
    Messages: 1,931

    around 60k with tax for a crew cab f550 diesel and then another 8-12k for a body :/ Yeah they get up there fast.