White Christmas

Winter weather alert in Northern IN. I might actually get to use my plow! (4-6in) I'm running around like a kid on Christmas morning (my wife is rolling her eyes). I'd better go blow the dust off of the plow. Sounds like a lot of you other guys may have a white Christmas also -good luck and have a very merry Christmas!:D


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It looks like a white christmas for us here in British Columbia too, most likely making this the first plowable snowfall of the season. Couldn't ask for anything better for christmas....well maybe a new Dodge 2500 with a V-blade. Merry Christmas to all at plow site!!

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white xmas

simone's, my wife is doing the same thing, read your post to her she asked if I wrote it.
I'm just S E of Indy, they are calling for 5-8 here, looks like we'll be plowing after church into Xmas day "ALL RIGHT"
anyway, good plowing & be careful

Ready to PLOW:D


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We are supposed to get 8"-12" starting Christmas Morning ending Thursday Morning. Got everything loaded and all equipment as at the sites, and I cant believe it but all my guys are ready and wanting to work, guess it gets them out of having to do family things and stuff. Oh well we will deal with it when it comes.

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Glastonbury, CT
10-15 inches expected around here. some parts of the state could get over 18 inches! I plan on spending most the day with the family , and heading out around 5 pm or so. Merry Christmas and be safe.


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Still no snow here in Illinois(western). I am getting antsy and edgy. My wife can even attest to the foul mood I am in because of it. Does anyone in Southern Illinois or Missouri care to sub out some work? We have 2 trucks ready to go at a moments notice.

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