which way do I go?


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Ok as my bussiness is expanding I find the need for another truck, I have found 3 that have my intrest.

#1 1979 3+3 3/4 ton 454 auto 1500.00 rough can do body for 1500.00 moter has been rebuilt unknown miles on truck

#2 1987 3/4 ton lwb 109000 actual 454 auto never touched.I know the owner $3500.00 body ok no major dents or rust. I havn't driven this one yet.

#3 1985 3/4 lwb ??????? 454 auto good shape body wise moter sounds "built" strong truck. 3500.00 maby less

I live in north Arkansas and will have some good hills to pull equipment around on, I know gas milage isnt worth much on 454s but I have a good mechanic who will pull rebuild and replace for 650.00 plus parts. Get the tranny done with new converter 430.00. And work with a body man at the firehouse will do body work pretty cheep. I know the cam can help on lowend and milage.

Have another friend that has a "tim Allen" corvette 65 model that just won the fuel milage award at a corvette rally with 22.3 mpg over a 105 mile course. 355 gears and a 6 speed tranny.

What about a pony transmission for an overdrive?

Just some food for thought. What do you think?


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