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Michael F

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Rochester, NY
I'm looking at two trucks both Chevy on '92 one '86, '92 was a city truck HD 3/4 ton 4x4, repainted, has very small amount of surface rust, the guy put a dual battery system has new transmission, western plow, needs CV joints, other than that seems in good shape my mechnic hasn't seen it yet. Leary of the fact it was a city truck, have seen them with trucks older than it, why dids they get rid of it? has 72,000 mi.
The '86, is also a HD 3/4 ton with a western plow, 350/400 trans, owner works at a body shop, new doors fenders, paint, gas tank, heads just redone, say truck has been completly gon through, again my mechnic hasn't seen. My feeling is that the '86 is what I will buy, I like the solid front axle design, less electronics to go wrong, parts are very cheap, truck is very easy to work on. Truck is $ 1000.00 less than '92, looks mint.

I just got rid of an '85. I had for 4 years was a good truck for me when I started out, needed to be rebuilt, I didn't have the time.

John DiMartino

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The 86 will rust before your eyes if the work wasnt perfect,and usually it isnt.The 92 better be cheap,it was more than likely abused.I wouldnt buy either one,unless they wee dirt cheap.I think 86 is one of the worst years for the 350,with all the smaog crap on that engine its difficult to work on and it weezes with no power at all.The 87's run much better and are easier to service,as well as having a lot more torque and power.


Stamford, CT
Mike, I guess, my answer to your question would be if possible have your mechanic look at both trucks, then make the decision. Then after you make your decision, have your mechanic go through it and do what ever needs to be done to it. Spend the time to do some preventive maintenance on it before you put it on the road. things may still go wrong with it your first time out, but hell, i have driven brand new trucks that have things wrong with them the first time out.

I would have some concerns about buying a used city truck. too many different drivers IMO. Now if it was a larger truck say maybe a dump or a salter I might consider it. These trucks usually have a limited number of drivers due to the driver needing a CDL.

I have an 86 K10, and you are right parts are cheaper, more readily accessible, and I to prefer the solid front axle.

The choice is yours. Good luck with what ever you decide.

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