Which Truck is better???


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I'm thinking of buying a 93 1500 with a 350. But my friend thinks I should buy a truck with a 305 like his (his is a 92 model), he says the 305 has plenty of power and gets better gas mileage. But I think his just jealous because the 350 is more power I think. So could somebody tell me what the horsepower, torque, and gas mileage on these motors are.

(both motors being efi and abot a 93-94 model)


John DiMartino

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Buy the 350,if its a clean truck,the 305 is a good engine,but a bit underpowered at only 175hp,the 350 has 200 or 210 depending on the year.the 93 has 210hp.#05's are hard to sell,no one wants to buy them used,so you can find them cheaper,but its hard to resell down the road.


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get the 350. no substitute for cubic inches.
Hard to say what fuel mileage will be. Gear ratios and driving style willaccount more for fuel mileage then size of engine.
Suffice to say that you cant use the power of the 305 if it doesnt have it, but you dont have to use all of the 350's power.


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You want the 350. I've had both, and have actually gotten BETTER mileage with the 350 than the 305, simply because I don't have to work it as hard to do the same things. Resale is also an issue. I think you'll be happy with the bigger motor.



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My dad has a 98 1500 4X4 with the 305 and he gets about 14 mpg and on a trip to PA. I got 18-20 with it but I would still go with the 350 the milage won't be that much different and you will be much happier with it... my 89 2500 got between 11 and 13 mpg usuall right around 12 and that was a much bigger truck with the 350 engine.. the milage on the 2500 is not that far off either so if you are going to plow with the truck I'd look for a 2500.

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