which T case?

what transfere case does a 79 chev k30 have? it dosent look like the 205 in my blazer and its not a fulltime 203 so i cant figure what it is. can any one help? chuck i have looked on your pages to try and find it but havent been able to yet.

Chuck Smith

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The 208 has an aluminum case. It is very different looking compared to the 203, and 205 (and no photo of one on my site). The 208 isn't a bad case, used on 3/4 ton trucks through the 80's. It didn't debut until 1981 though. When it was new, that 79' K/30 had an NP 205 in it if it was a 4 speed, and the 203 if it was an auto. 1980 was a transition year, so all trucks had the NP 205. In 81, all 1/2 and 3/4 ton trucks came with the NP 208 as a standard.

The 208 is weaker by design than the 203. Both the 203 and the 208 are chain driven cases. The NP 205 is gear driven, no chain inside.



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if it is a 203 how much does it cost to convert it to part time? is it something that i can do my self? does any one know anything about the offroad design doubler kit that is what i would like to run.


It cost about 50 bucks w/o the lock hubs Its pretty straight forward. Just mark sure you use a good oil preferably synthetic and fill the case high as the rear bearing will be getting little oil because the chain/pump not running in two wheel drive
hope this helps.

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