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I just purchased a 1989 small Chevy Blazer with the 4.3L V6 4x4. Which plow would be best for my blazer? We will mostly be plowing parking lots and access roads. It will be used only for our properties and not really used commercially. The Meyer web page says the 6.5 ft plow but I would rather have your professional suggestions. Thanks in advance


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I think meyer may be one of the few companies to make a plow frame kit for that truck. Snow way and western might also make one, and thats about it. This one of the few cases where I would advise some not to useing a bigger blade on that truck. On 2" of light powder you could push a 7.5 footer however you can't count on small accumulations. If that 6" falls over night and you don't know about it, pushing 7.5' won't be fun, only 6.5' won't be bad. So go with the 6.5'.

As far not plowing commercial, I hate to break it to you but you are. The moldboard is going to take a beating, you be ready for that because you will be using the plow for more than it is proabably designed for. Plowing lots and roads are task left for the bigger trucks most times, at least up here in Maine.

Anyways my suggestion:

Plow often ever 2 or 3"
Plow wet snow as often as possible
Push piles as far back as possible to avoid pounding the truck when stacking.

best of luck.



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I like the Sno Way plow with the down pressure system which I am very pleased with. Everybody has there favorite you must go with who ever you feel will be able to give dealer support that is a <b>MUST</B>


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Snoway plows are lightweight in comparison to other manufacturers, and are almost tailor-made for the truck you have. We see many trucks around here outfitted like yours will be. As long as you're doing the plowing, and your careful, your truck will be fine.


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I have been trying without luck to find a plow for a friends 91 s10 blazer. Western does not make a kit anymore, pre-92 kits are different from 92-up. Both Fisher and Meyer dealers told me they cannot get mounting kits for this vehicle. The only plow I can find currently is the POS $995 special from Lowes. We'll use a snowblower before that thing.

I think you are going to have to search the classifieds and bargain weekly papers for a plow, my friend.

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OR you could have a welding shop make a frame and brackets for you. Remember, mounting frames are the same, it's the brackets that are different from vehicle to vehicle.


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