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Which model do you prefer?

Discussion in 'Ford Trucks' started by shovelracer, Jan 25, 2013.

  1. shovelracer

    shovelracer Senior Member
    Messages: 525

    Based on my previous thread I think you guys convinced me that the crew cab's benefits are greater than the loss of extra length. I just need to rearrange the pallet racks in my shop should the day come that it gets a plow. So after looking around and considering my current vehicles I came to the thought that I have always been happier with the base XL package and adding the features I really want. IE power options, etc. The main reason is so simple. The floor.

    Regardless of the vehicle use, one thing is certain I have one heck of a time keeping the floors clean. Even in personal rigs it has always been an issue. There is a reason I do not own any white clothing. Hiking, beach trips, etc. Carpeted vehicles have always been a pain and even with floor mats they always get funked after a while. I really love the vinyl floor.

    So I'm curious what do you prefer and if you are like me what options could you not live without and which ones did you get and never use. For me my last work truck came with the phone integration and I can say I have never used it and have no desire to.
  2. snowplowpro

    snowplowpro Senior Member
    from NJ
    Messages: 926

    You can get an xlt package with no carpet
    My options I like everything my floors in my truck are immaculate wash and vacuum every week. But I like power windows power door locks. I can live without power mirrors don't care too much for them heated mirrors to don't care much for them either . Ill take carpet floors like them.
  3. Buswell Forest

    Buswell Forest PlowSite.com Addict
    from NH
    Messages: 1,668

    I wanted cloth seats, electronic shift 4x4, trailer brake controller, power windows / locks / mirrors...the 10K package (F250) and plow package, and the Fx4 package...all in a reg cab.
    I found the exact match on a dealer's lot, and jumped.

    Mind you, the difference between an XL with these options and a base XLT is:

    Chrome grill and bumpers

    Chrome trim on the dash vents


    Aluminum wheels vs steel.

    But you can load an XLT up with more bells and whistles than you can an XL. And the price difference can be as much as 6 grand. At that point, I'd get a Lariat with the heated leather seats.

    And I love my rubber floor rug. Just buy one, pull the stock rug, and save the rug for trade-in / sale day.
  4. I love my king ranch.
  5. grec-o-face

    grec-o-face Senior Member
    Messages: 485

    My wants:

    Crew Cab
    Power windows & locks
    Power & Heated mirrors
    Leather (only if it's heated)
    Manual X-fer case (ESOF's are more prone to failures)
    Cup holders
    Back up camera would be nice - but I don't need all the satellite interfaced - GPS enabled - hocus-pocus that's usually wrapped into a camera set up.

    I like the idea of a rubberized floor. I've only seen a few XLT's with them though. I guess, I'm 55/45 on the floor. 55% go with rubber / 45% carpet's fine.
    Last edited: Jan 25, 2013
  6. White Gardens

    White Gardens 2000 Club Member
    Messages: 2,665

    I don't know why, but at least in 05", My F-150 XLT has leather seats and that was the only real upgrade from the XL that year, at least that's what I'm told.

    I don't like any truck with too many bells and whistles but a few creature comforts I prefer.

    Power Windows/Locks
    The leather seats are a nice option, easier to keep clean.
    Power/Heated mirrors, though my truck doesn't have heated mirrors and it stinks!
    And of course A/C.

    If you happen to find the right truck, but it has a cloth floor, I would just invest in those molded floor mats/pan you can buy. At least you could then remove it and hose it off.

    But that's about it.

    And good call on the Crew Cab there shovel racer. Thumbs Up. You won't regret it.

    The short bed isn't bad either. You can get one of those bed extension racks for the occasional time you need the length. I also have a few trailers sitting around, so if I really need the extra length, I just grab a trailer.

  7. 1olddogtwo

    1olddogtwo PlowSite Fanatic
    Messages: 12,174

    My last truck was a 2011 Lariat. The leather was easy to clean but I hated the material. I have a 2012 with the XLT premium package now. Same as Lariat with more options minis the leather and digital HVAC. The full power/heat mirror's are a must, power slider rear wind is nice, the tailgate step is a must (getting older).....if the carpet was gone, I wouldnt miss it. The best feature I have is the seating with the FULL center section with extra cup holder and storage!!!!!!
    Last edited: Jan 25, 2013
  8. Morrissey snow removal

    Morrissey snow removal PlowSite.com Addict
    Messages: 1,798

    a have always liked xlt power windows locks plow prep and i put weather tech floor liners