Where's the snow?

Eager Beaver

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How's everyone else doing for snow events? Here we are in the middle of the lake effect snow belt at the end of December and I salted once.

How's everyone else doing? Heard out east you guys were getting some. How about sending some back our way!!!!
"Merry Christmas to all" and and to all "another no snow night";)


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Lords Valley, PA
nothing plowable here yet. only a 2" event on the 8th. all residentials for me w/ a 3" trigger. looks like the christmas event's going to be rain for me. maybe next year we'll see some snow?!?!?


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By this morning's forecast (but we all know how much you can trust THAT...................:rolleyes: ) it's looking like a rain event for Christmas up here too.

Snow will be here soon enough I'm sure - in the meantime, enjoy the holidays!


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Nova Scotia
From 4 am Tuesday till 9 pm Wed I logged 30 hours in the truck.
we got about 12", but it started at about 3 am Tues and ended at 4 am Wed, snowed lightly all day Tues, so I had to babysit my commercials especially with all the Christmas traffic, nice to have the extra money from the per-push accounts coming in next month!



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Haven't dug up the paperwork but if my memory is working right we've had 14 plowable events. Starting November 29th. Looks like we're going to get a break for awhile now. Slight chance of light snow tonight and tomorrow then nothing forecast for awhile.