Where would you start off?

I have been in snow removal for about 4 years now and have used my walker mower with a blower and last year a walker and a scag walk-behind with a blade.We do residential jobs and that has worked great,but you freeze your butt off!It is very hard work,and I'm getting sick of it!Don't get me wrong I'm very happy to use such great equipment,but there's a limit to how much work/cold I can take.In the next few years we may decide to start using a plow truck.If you where in my situation what would you do?Keep in mind I don't have the cash for a new truck!I have allways been a ford guy,but I'm open to opinions.What would you start out with?


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Where to start??? good question ! depends on the kind of accounts you currently have, and how large you want to expand.

Seriously, if you are doing normal residential driveways by a used 4 wheel drive truck in real good shape and put a plow on it. This is the route I go, I have never bought a truck with a plow already on it Unless I personally know the owner and the trucks history... too many potential problems the other way.

I would recommend at the very least a 3/4 ton truck, but that depends on the accounts. circular drives are a pain to plow witha truck, so if you have a lot of these type of drives get someting with a short wheel base.

I have plowed with 1/2 tons to 1 ton trucks, and backhoes but it depends on the job. remember the right tool for the job makes the job that much easier.


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I have no idea what kind of mowing you do but I have used three diff lawn and garden/utility tractors that are water cooled with cabs and heat.JD 455,322,4100 4x4,I still use the 322 and the 4100.The 4100 is great it has a 60" deck for mowing and a blade and blower for snow.


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I was lucky, my dad started the company. When i took over i think we had 12 plow trucks. Also all the big equipment was there, loaders, bachoes, ect. All i have done is replaced the loaders after 10 or 12 years. After you buy the first one, it makes replacing it so much easier.



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I'll tell you EXACTLY what I would get:

1.) 1991 Dodge W150 115" WB 318V8, no a/c. $7000.00
2.) Boss 8' straight blade $2600.00 (or front-blade of your choice.)
3.) Ebling 8' rear plow w/ hydraulic valve $2200.00
4.) Flasher/back-up light combo $200.00

Put on Blizzack WS-15 studless tires and you've got $12,000 into a fairly high-performance piece of equipment capable of generating $30,000/year depending on your market.

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