Where to buy poly cutting edge, How thick


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OK, It is September now so I can ask a question about snow. ;-) I want to put a poly cutting edge on my snow plow. Where is the best place to buy. Also, how thick should it be. It is going on a 6 ft plow on a farm tractor so speeds and total hrs will be low.


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poly cutting edge

Frank, I think if you used the search feature on this site, it will pull up a lot from the past regarding this question. Central Parts Warehouse or better know as CPW can have a custom one made for you. From what I have heard, they work very well.


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Get in contact with Dino (oops! plowking35, I forgot where I was at) or his company All Things Ice and Snow.
He sells Artic Groomer urethane edges and can take care of whatever you need.
It is very obvious when you look at the plusses and minuses that urethane is the wave of the future. Sort of the cutting edge of the cutting edge business. The lowering of vehicle and road surface damage over the course of the winter alone warrants the use of the urethane. When you throw in that they are extremely quiet as a kicker they really shine.
Just my humble opinion.


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A 1.5" thick edge will work fine for you. The plow is 6', but if you want the edge to overlap on the ends for curb protection, get a 7' long edge.


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