where to buy drive shafts?


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I've got an 85 chevy 3/4 ton 4x4. I need a front drive shaft. It doesn't have one in it now so i don't know what it had. What drive shafts did these trucks have in them? It's got the th350 tranny and 208 transfer case and gm 10 bolt front axle. I plan on adding larger tires and a lift. I would like something cheap but reliable. Where can I find one?

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I was talking to a guy at ColoradoK5 and he got a shaft from these guys, $295 for a rear shaft.
He was real happy with the work and service.
Then there is Tom Woods I have no addy for him.
Jesse at High Angle driveline is another place.
Or you might get lucky and score one at a salvage yard, but those are usualy worn out and beat up.


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Check with a local trucking company mechanic, he should be able to steer you to a local driveshaft company. Ct. Driveshaft is well respected in the northeast here.


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look for certified powertrain in your area. i purchased a rebuilt front driveshaft from them for $207 with exchange and this went on a dodge. your chevy shouldnt be any more than that .

good luck
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