Where is the snow in the Northeast?


Greenwich CT
hey i live in Greenwich CT spent 2500 on a new blower and have receive only 1/2 inch of snow this winter dose anyone know if there any storm on the way for us in CT:mad:


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check out the farmers almanac. they hit it on jan. 7-11th. predicted 4-8" from mid-atlantic northward. if we get half the storms they're predicting for feb. then all of us from ohio valley & northeast should be sittin' pretty.

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We had receive 100cm since december 17, biggest events was a little 14cm, 2 10cm, and 4 5cm events, everywhere else in the province snow is missing...very strange, usually is vice versa.
But with the rain we got the passed few days, there is no more than 20cm on the ground. Since that times we seen the sun only few days but only flurries falling so we have to wait 2-3 days to go on duty.

BTW it's amazing how good are farmer's almanac weather forecasts.
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How strange is that? Cm. instead of in. Something to consider in this ever shrinking world... 4 saisons, any idea what that is in inches without us having to do the math?

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