Where Is The Big Kahuna?

Discussion in 'Commercial Snow Removal' started by MWM, Feb 5, 2001.

  1. MWM

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    Mr. Allin has not replied to any posts lately. Have they been getting buried with snow or has he been soaking up the sun surrounded by cacti?
  2. Mike Nelson

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    The Mac Daddy has been out of town:cool:a little business trip.I think he will be back tuesday?
    I know we all miss him.How do you think poor Peggy feels?:mad:
  3. JCurtis

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    Yeah John's away, If I remember correctly, wasn't he going someplace warm and sunny?

    Bet he is hating every minute of his business trip.

    YEAH RIGHT !!!!

  4. John Allin

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    We be back.
    Been in Tucson. Working.
    ALCA Executive Forum, and meetings.
    Got in two rounds of golf. And some sun.
    No clouds in Tucson. Blue skys. Starry nights.
    Still plowing here in Erie. No days off for our guys.
    Could have stayed another week.
    Looks like everybody's been busy on the Coast.....

    Keep smiling.
  5. JCurtis

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    Welcome back, John!!!

    Tucson, huh!

    Sure while you're out soaking up the rays, we on the east coast get hammered with some of the wettest , heaviest snow I have ever plowed.

    How many Golf balls did you lose?

    I'll bet you're crew ribbed you about the tan!

    John, just kidding you man, welcome back. :cool:
  6. John Allin

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    The people here admired my tan and suggested that I get a deeper tan by returning to Tucson right away (kinda makes me wonder if they want me around).

    I lost 6 golf balls until I figured out that the woods weren't cutting it and used a 3 iron off the tee the rest of the time there.

    I got lots of education while there.
    I learned that mexican food gives me the runs (right away).
    I learned that everything there has a mexican flavor to it, and that mexican flavor is enough to set the bowels a runnin.
    I learned that my laptop screen doesn't show well in direct sunlight - and that I had to close the laptop and think about that for a while (like 3 hours), which lead me to get into the pool to avoid burning, and I also learned that I CAN sit on them there stools in the pool by the bar adjacent to the pool itself without any fear of falling off and drowning no matter how long I sit there and drink virgin mary's or diet cokes.
    I learned that if the speaker was boring, the Starter at the 1st tee isn't.
    I also learned that I can survive without Lawnsite - as long as the bartender keeps my glass full.
    I also learned that I didn't feel bad for you dudes plowing snow on the coast, because you been wishin for it for so long that I felt it best to allow you to do some plowing while I was sunnin (for those of you that were begging me to "send some your way").

    Even with all of the above, I was glad to get home to Peggy and the gang. Well.... Peggy for sure.