When to use the big plows?


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For what applications should the large (over 20,000#gvw) plows made by Fisher, Meyer, Western etc should be used and when is it a good idea to step up to the heavy plows made by Henke, Root, Fall etc that townships and states use. What advantages do the really big plows have and is it worth it (weight, special mountings and lifts, price) to use a heavy plow where it may not be needed.


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Right now I have 6 "big trucks" running plows.

2. F 650s both with autos and cat engines. They both have 10' Fisher plows, one has a 7 yard v-box the other has an under the tailgate spreader.

2 International 2500 series, built tough. These trucks have 300 hp engines, single axel, and 8LL eaton trans. They aren't the easest truck to drive but can plow roads like no other truck. They have Everest / Frink double acting bodies with Everest / Frink plow and wing set ups.

1 F 750 auto trans and cat engine, Everest / Frink plow and wing. Under the tailgate sander. 7 yard rugby body.

1 Ford L 8000 7 yard Frink double acting body, frink plow and wing set up, 225 HP 7 speed fuller trans.

For lots the F 650 and F 750 win hands down with the auto trans. They also plow and turn well inside a lot setting. They are great daytime trucks to make a pass through a lot and drop some salt or sand.

One of my F 650s has a low profile dump body, and is set as more of a construction truck. The other has a 7 yard rugby body and is set up more to haul then to work out of.

However each and every one of these trucks works well both plowing and in the construction side.

If you plan on plowing lots with the truck, I would get a straight 6 or 7 speed trans if ya want to go stick. However I would recomend speding the extra money and putting an auto in the truck, if you are buying the truck new.

If it is your first "big truck" and you and all your help is new to the big truck world. I wouldn't recomend an 8 LL trans it has a rather large learning curve, but is one heck of a work trans.



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Ditto on the 8LL, we use them in our Macks that plow but my drivers are very experienced and can make them function in their sleep.The 8LL is just about indistructable but it takes good timing and leaves little room for error.I would also recommend the auto I just sold my last big truck with the auto,it was to small for the kind of hauling we do but it made a good plow truck.


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If i ever see someone drive an 8 LL who has never driven a split trans before and doesn't grind a gear. I got a bridge for sale.

You will grind a gear or two your first time driven an 8 LL. Once ya learn it, its a great trans,



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The "big" plows by the big 3 Fisher western meyer, are only really suited up to the 22K range. What Geoff has on the 650 is about the max. The 750 has a lighter duty highway type plow.
I have a friend with a 33K 4900 series INTL, and after 1/2 a season with a 10' heavyweight western, it is bent in a u shape. Not badly but still bent. The truck is to heavy for that plow.