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When to use ATV w/ plow and when to shovel

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself to the Community' started by cod8825, Feb 10, 2007.

  1. cod8825

    cod8825 Member
    Messages: 91

    This is my first post I can't believe it took me this long to find this site and how helpful it has been. Getting to the point time is money. I am currently a sub contractor for a company in Kansas City. I do all of the sidewalks at alot of commercial properties. I am thinking about doing residental for the 2007 - 2008 snow season. We have had five good snows already.

    My question is for commercial and residential properties when do use an ATV w/ plow(have ATV but no plow) and when do just let it sit and grab the old shovel. I currently have 14 accounts that if I get a snow from 0 to 4" will pay with ice melt application $900 I am only responsible for my gas ice melt is free of charge.

    What monatary limit must be reached to justifiy hauling a 4 wheeler and plow around.

  2. Sharpshooter77

    Sharpshooter77 Senior Member
    Messages: 162

    First off welcome to the plowsite.
    Second if you have a small storm that is light and there is not much snow like 1 to 2 inches I would use a shovle. It also depends on how fast they need to be done is there a time limit that you have to do these properties. If not I would use the four wheeler all the time, But thats just me. I really don't like to shovle so I would always be using the four wheeler. Bascily what you have to think of is time. It may take longer to get the four wheeler on and off the truck, But when you have a shovel you can throw it in and out of your truck in no time but it may take longer to shovel. So there is a trade off either way. I am thinking of time and how much you have to get your jobs done. Hope this helps.......Shane:drinkup: :drinkup:
  3. cod8825

    cod8825 Member
    Messages: 91


    There is no specific time limit or timeframe to think of. Most of the time it is stated this needs to be done by 7:00 a.m. if working overnight or if we get called out during the day during business hours it will be get on the locations by a specific time.

    I have heard some state that it is a little more difficult to pull a trailer in the snow and can cause driving issues. The four wheeler would be like two passes on most of 50 to 70 foot by five foot wide sidewalks two minutes and I am done. Hook on a spreader and I am done.
  4. payton

    payton Senior Member
    Messages: 470

    bascially using an atv comes down to time. if there small sidewalks that dont take long.. then id shovel.. but if your talking 500 and up feet. then well id break out the quad. ya gotta take in to consideration cost of plow - trailer atv- everything .

  5. chevyplowman

    chevyplowman Junior Member
    Messages: 21

    You also need to consider if you have plenty of room to warrant use of the atv? Does the walk have alot of turns? I found that a good snowblower and shovel and I'm done in no time. I love my plow on my honda but usually I'm faster with the blower and shovel. I have a complex that has 450 ft of walk but has too many turns for the atv.:cry:
  6. cod8825

    cod8825 Member
    Messages: 91

    All of my commercial accounts are straight shots 5' wide usually by about 50 to 70' long all most all of the accounts are banks and blockbusters:nod:

    I am thinking of adding the plow to my atv to do residental drives. That is my question would it be worth it for that. I have a 16' trailer for my mower and lawn equipment would it be wise to go with a smaller trailer for the ATV
  7. chevyplowman

    chevyplowman Junior Member
    Messages: 21

    If your walks are straight that would be perfect. I would personally want a smaller trailer to haul around. Since you already have a 16' trailer I'd use that. I have a 4' plow on my 4 wheeler and I would suggest a bigger plow. When the blade is turned, it don't cover the width of machine. If I end up using it more I would change to a 54". That's just my opinion.:waving: