When to plow?

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Most of my customers want me to wait till the storm is over to begin plowing. I have heard though you should plow with the storm. How many of you wait till the storm is over before you begin? I can see waiting till the storm is over if you only suppose to get 2" or so but what about when there talking about 6-8". Just wondering what you guys do. Thanks

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Greeeennn accccrrresss is the place to BEEEE... :D

Had to do it,sorry.

From watching the wc you better get your butt out and start plowing.

It all depends on how your contracts are written.What your customer wants or needs,cause it might not be what mine wants or needs.

I'm sure someone else will chime in.
Good Luck


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Parking lots, we plow with the storm, try to keep less than 3" on the lane ways of the lots during the storm.

Driveways: We plow every 6" of accumulation, so 12" storm 2 visits, 14" = 3 visits. ect



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I guess that I am lucky with regards to this matter. As my commercials want the cheapest. That being said, I wait untill its done or almost done snowing. They aren't high traffic, just a few manufacturing plants and a Church. The Church gets top priority when it is during a Sat. nite or anytime Sun. (for obvious reasons). The factories are secondary. They always wait until its over, unless its REAL deep and a truck cant get to the loading docks or something. The residentials (only 15 of them) get priority if its a daytime snow and I can get them plowed before they return home from work and block up the drives. I simply dont have the time to plow everybody twice, unless its 12" or more. I guess it all depends on the customers wants and needs and wallet!


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I agree with it depends on what the customer wants and how the contracts read. In the contract for my driveways it specifies every 6". Parking lots are first priority, when the store/bank/what ever is open the contract specifies that there can be no more then 3" on the ground. I try to only plow the lots with the storm. No one needs to get out of their house at 12:00 at night during a snow storm. If it's an energency they'll call. Even though every 6" is in the cotract I usualy plow driveways between 4-5 a.m. and around 5 pm only if it's snowing to the point they wont be able to get in the driveway. I only have 12 driveways it might be different if u have 50. (anyone here from around Albany and wants to pick up 12 driveways next year e-mail me)


Green Acres,
I have 1 commerical account for plowing in Shawnee, Ks.
He wants to wait until the storm is over. I have given him different payment options. He pays top money but wants to wait until the snow is over.

All other customer are on a 1" trigger or when their lot is slick.

You might consider giveing him payment options:

1" - 3" $$$$$
3" - 6" $$$$$
and so on.
Being the amount of snow we get in this area, price per plowing is higher than most places where I have here the cost.

Hope this helps, email me if you want more specific answers.

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