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I am a school teacher that is looking to earn some extra money for some remodeling work in the home. Have a truck ( made modifications to beef up the 89 F-150)and plow and have done some family drives and friends etc. Thing is I can only plow 3 pm to 6:30 am during the week and free on weekends, and our no school days. Is it worth going our to get customers? Do I explain the time frame? There are people with businesses 24/7 in the area.




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You posted a couple of weeks ago that you had seven driveways lined up. I would advise that in your situation, concentrate on these and leave the commercial to those who are going to be available when the plowing is needed. The residential is much more likely to be forgiving of snow piled during the day. Just so it's plowed so they can get out in the morning and back in the evening (or whatever their work hours are). Remember, you'll only be needed on the day it snows and then everyone wants you - now. Commercial will generally insist on being snow being no more than an inch or two - especially during the day (or business hours). You could also put an ad in the paper and take on those one-time pushes on the weekends.

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I am finishing school this year to become a teacher. My brother is a teacher and we still have the business. One way would be to hire a sub or someone to drive your truck if things need to be touched up during this time. Remember that schools are often closed or at least delayed when snow occurrs. I plan to continue plowing and landscaping on a smaller scale once I become a teacher.

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Seems to me that 3:00 and 6:30 would be the ideal time to plow.

Many residential contractors plow ONLY between 12:00 and 7:00.

These hours should be ideal for driveways.

For commercial you'd better be more available.
I am a teacher for six years now and also have a construction buisness on the side. In the winter I also plow and sand, have four of my own trucks and four subs. I do all commercial work and on most occasions make it to school. Everyone knows that I do snow work, so when they see me after a storm their either know why I am tired or are surprised that I am even in school. I make every effort to make it in and let the other guys finish up. I am a shop teacher, so I can get away with a little bit more. Godd Luck
I have my own business but am finishing school to become a teacher. But my plan is Lord willing, is to keep the business and teach. I plan on relying on an employee or back up though.


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My situation is somewhat similar, in the sense that I work a full-time job. Another option you could consider is working as a sub for another snow removal contractor.

I decided to go this route because I felt that with my work committment, it would be difficult to provide customers with an acceptable level of service. As a sub, I can specify the days/times I'm available and schedule accordingly.

Just another idea to toss into the ring!