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When the weather is warm

Discussion in 'Equipment, Tools & Vehicle Pictures' started by sonicblue2003, Jan 30, 2006.

  1. sonicblue2003

    sonicblue2003 Senior Member
    Messages: 188

    This is how I get back and forth to the track.
    I have since put air bags on the truck to get rid of the sag.
    Air ride trailer goes up and down for loading and has the electric over hydraulic
    braking system. Pulls like a dream.

    Stratford 005.jpg
  2. Boast Enterpris

    Boast Enterpris Senior Member
    Messages: 745

    Looks Like Fun To Me.:waving:
  3. Jpocket

    Jpocket Senior Member
    Messages: 302

    what that Camaro Run in the 1/4? Im buliding a Chevelle, looking to go low 11's this summer
  4. sonicblue2003

    sonicblue2003 Senior Member
    Messages: 188

    The Camaro runs 10.03 @135mph normally. Best ET 9.97 @137mph
    454 BBC with a 2 spd glide. The package is getting upgraded this year should run 9.80's. Buddy has a 69 Chevelle that runs the same, but 1.35 60 ft.

  5. Sweetpete

    Sweetpete Senior Member
    Messages: 325

    Mm, mm, mm....gorgeous. I love muscle cars. Around here, we have all these
    87 Honda Civics that are rusted out, falling apart and have these sport tuned exhausts that sound like I'm running over a cat.

    Don't get me wrong, I like a well built Civic with a killer paint job, but these are just junk. Anyways, beautiful muscle cars. They look like fun. Be careful on the track.

    If you like that stuff, check out streetfire.net You might like that site.:cool: