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When the snow is all day event???? please

Discussion in 'Commercial Snow Removal' started by Omran, Jan 9, 2010.

  1. Omran

    Omran Senior Member
    from KY
    Messages: 265

    Hello, Yesterday was our first snow here in Ky for the winter and it was all day event, not much in inches, but bitter cold and getting icy all day. So to keep my Parking lot (shopping center) clean and not iced, I had to spread salt for 5 times through out the day,
    Do you think I over did it or better to be on the safe side, the onwer of the property told me to take care of it, but I don't know if he will like the bill or not?

    What would you guys do in situations like this???
  2. Camden

    Camden PlowSite Fanatic
    Messages: 6,604

    If you had to show up 5 times to keep the site safe and accessible then so be it. Bill accordingly.
  3. Omran

    Omran Senior Member
    from KY
    Messages: 265

    Thank you Man, Yes I was there 5 times and every time I had to sprade about 1.5 ton of salt.
  4. wideout

    wideout Senior Member
    from iowa
    Messages: 727

    1.5 tons how big of a lot is it?
  5. mansf123

    mansf123 Senior Member
    from mass
    Messages: 817

    good luck getting payed for that. You cant win, you try and do everything to keep the lot safe and they say the bill is too high, you do just enough to get by and someone breaks there hip the store will say why didnt you salt
  6. Neige

    Neige Sponsor
    Messages: 2,215

    How much snow did you get?, Did you ever plow the lot? 5 saltings in one day, for a snow event seems like overkill to me. JMO
  7. NW Snow Removal

    NW Snow Removal Senior Member
    Messages: 533

    how much snow/ ice was there total? do you have a weather service 3rd party to confirm the accumulation? If you got .5 inches of ice I would say you are good to go. If the lot is big maybe each application should be more salt instead of repeat visits. 5 visits / day for retail is definitely borderline and would only be acceptable if accumulations of ice were very thick.
  8. 2COR517

    2COR517 PlowSite Fanatic
    Messages: 7,115

    Also need to consider the general tolerance for ice/snow in your area. An all day light snow up here and nobody cares. Down south it is probably a bigger deal.

    Did you plow at all, it just keep salting?

    NICHOLS LANDSCA PlowSite Veteran
    Messages: 4,362

    Doesn't seem right to me but what do I know. 7.5 ton on one lot that usually takes 1.5ton per application? That place should look like Boneville. Or it should have been all slush and plowed off
  10. blowerman

    blowerman PlowSite.com Addict
    Messages: 1,275

    I wouldn't get away with that up here... Even when we get 4" plus daytime snows and you have guys clearing rows 3 or more times a day seems nuts to me. Down by you they might expect multi saltings since it doesn't snow every few days. Know your customer, service and bill accordingly and you won't need to go find new customers. Seems like overkill though!
  11. Italiano67

    Italiano67 Senior Member
    Messages: 645

    I would have plowed it a couple of times, salted the main doorways, and called it good until the final plow and salt that night.
  12. Bajak

    Bajak Senior Member
    Messages: 999

    I think it's overkill and willing to bet there will be resistance on getting that bill paid.
    If the lot requires that much service in one day the stores are closed and employees sent home for their own safety around here.
    Mind you I am in an area that is far from being zero tolerance.
  13. G&T LAWN

    G&T LAWN Senior Member
    Messages: 149

    I dont normally salt till it has finished snowing. Maybe if it was a emergency room intrance or something. Good luck having them pay that bill.
  14. 2COR517

    2COR517 PlowSite Fanatic
    Messages: 7,115

    What's your charge to apply 1.5 ton of salt?
  15. FordFisherman

    FordFisherman PlowSite.com Addict
    from 06611
    Messages: 1,613

    You kept the lot safe for a long duration event in an area that doesn't see much snow. Bill accordingly.
    Last edited: Jan 9, 2010
  16. Omran

    Omran Senior Member
    from KY
    Messages: 265

    Well Here is the Answers for your ?? The Lot has a Kroger and a gas station and 6 other stors with almost 5 Aacers, and yes I pushed snow too, but the problem was the very very bitte cold temp, whitch made the ground almost freez every time it quite, you clean it and you think you are going home, an hour later snow was coming back. total snow was about 4"
  17. schmol

    schmol Senior Member
    Messages: 120

    What we do is only salt the critical area's during the storm, ie. entrances to the stores, paths to the cart sheds, directly in front of the store. On the rest of the lot we spread a grit and salt mix that gives traction yet keeps the snow falling slushy so it will come up off the pavement easy when we do a cleanup. The grit gets plowed off with the snow so there is almost no evidence of it being there. The grit mix is substantially cheaper than straight salt, keeping the cost down.
  18. WilliamOak

    WilliamOak PlowSite.com Addict
    Messages: 1,988

    Do you have to run 2 different trucks to the same site then? Or do you only load the spreader with as much salt as you think you'll need and then go back to refill with the grit mix?
  19. mansf123

    mansf123 Senior Member
    from mass
    Messages: 817

    we do supermarkets and the most we will salt is usually 2 times maybe 3 if its amonster storm. 4 inches seems crazy to spread that much salt
  20. Dstosh

    Dstosh Senior Member
    Messages: 534

    If it was 4". We would have plowed so it could be open in the am, salted. Ran the rest of the route, came back- cleaned up entrances and lanes around mid day/early afternoon. Depending on closing time might have hit it again....Repeat