When should I add another truck?

I currently plow a couple of smaller parking lots as well as 8 residential driveways, constantly adding more all the time. Last year I had a period of two weeks were my truck had electrical issues(starting/charging) but luckily we had a lull in storms. I don't want to be down a truck and am considering adding another. I currently plow with a 74 Dodge W300 dump powered by an 89 stock cummins/727 auto with 4.88 geared dana 70 axles from and rear. Has a 9 foot fisher, 8 foor wing(I have off until needed), central hydraulics etc etc. It plows fine but is better suited for roads and larger lots, not gravel driveways despite being long. If I had a 3/4 ton or one ton SRW I could probably plow faster, not that I like to beat on my stuff, and have my son plow if I continue to add accounts. When do I know I should add another truck and when should I just keep investing in tools to fix the one I have, keeping things simple. Wow that was long winded.

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Lol, so true. And to think it was sold new at our familes dodge dealer back in 74. That is a lot of abuse. I am a sucker for old dodges. Love to find a 89-93 w250 or SRW 350 cummins. I have had all the new stuff and just can't see beating it up. Thanks for the reply.
Guess that answer's that. I need to live by the nike theme and just do it. Now if only I can find one. No seriously, for the past couple of years, with very few accounts and no money, I repaired this with hand tools and no garage. Oh boo hoo. Now I wonder if I should invest in a compressor, welder, torches for say 3k or buy another truck and keep hand wrenching??? Sucks when you have to pay some clown to do work for you due to not having things like a welder. This is more of a business opinion question I guess.


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As Seville said above, if you're wondering when it's time to add another truck, it's time. I know you said you don't want to beat on new trucks, but could you consider new-er? I'd get something that's not "too old" so it's still reliable, and hopefully cut down on some of your wrenching time. And keep adding to your route!
I hear that. It's just I am a fan of solid, non CAD/vac/electronic, axles, gear driven transer cases etc. And I like the old style trucks-72-93 dodge being a favorite, square body GM, older fords etc. Sucks that they are rotting away. I am keeping my eye out for an 89-93 cummins but even that is 25 years old. I have a mental problem in that I like to work on my vehicles. I just would prefer having a second truck that I can jump into so I can continue and then fix the other. Guess that answers the need for a second truck. It would be better to get a pickup instead of dump as you can plow faster in tight spots
I agree that the 94-02's are nice especially since they are the last of the dana axle generation. I just get worried with computers and stuff. But that is because I have not experience with them. The idea of a cad axle is ok as I would just keep it in shape. There is just something tough looking about the ole 70's style dodge. I would swap the 89 cab for a 72-80 if I could find one. Your right having a newer truck would be nice but I like slinging testosterone while I drive-lol.


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You DONT need a second truck........
if you dont mind loosing customers because your 43 year old truck broke. Ie charging issues, tranny issues...

If you want to stay in the "plowing for beer $" group and DONT want to be a professional.

Keeping customers happy is way over rated.
Only 8 driveways and a couple of parking lots. But that is still some possible pissed off people that I have worked hard to keep. So I see your point, keeping customer's and growing through word of mouth/great customer service is the way to go. I can always buy an air compressor etc later. After all, I have gotten this far with hand tools, I can get further still. Thanks for the recommendation and straight to the heart comment. I am going to look at another truck this week. I was looking for a pickup so I could zip around but found a nice dump that is local.
My long term plan is to continue flipping Honda's(was a tech and service advisor for 25 years) as well as cheap work trucks. Since I don't have an air compressor, welder or torches I am weighing putting the money towards them so I can repair my own plow plus work on the vehicles I want to sell, or buying another rig. Since it is fall, and not the best time price wise to buy a plow, maybe I buy the tools as needed, save $$ and keep one of the trucks I find come spring. My brain hurts. Overthinking.

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