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whelen edge 9308

Discussion in 'Strobe Lighting' started by overtime, Dec 16, 2009.

  1. overtime

    overtime Senior Member
    Messages: 153

    Have a chance to pick one up local for only 200. I was thinking I have seen people run the mini ones but 48 in bar is a good size. I currently just have a nasty looking dual rotater. Should I pick this up? Do you think it will be to much or to big? Just any input I guess will work. Thanks
  2. sidthss

    sidthss Senior Member
    from GR MI
    Messages: 182

    I have found that it is better to make your own decision for things like this, you post it on a forum, somebody looks at where you are from and gets to it before you can, but that is just my personal experience. If it is good shape and everything works, go for it.
  3. Was trying to do some research myself on http://www.whelen.com/_AUTOMOTIVE/automotive.php
  4. Pirsch

    Pirsch Senior Member
    Messages: 596

    I'm old school but is that edge an LED or strobe? a 48" bar for $200 is a good deal if everything works. Clear and clean lenses. It costs about that for a new strobe pwr unit inside the 9000 series bars anyway. Keep your old rotators close by just in case.
  5. cfdeng7

    cfdeng7 Senior Member
    from CT
    Messages: 376

    48 is deff not too big i have a 60 inch whelen freedom bar on my truck
  6. overtime

    overtime Senior Member
    Messages: 153

    ok yes the lenses and everything are clean and clear its a strobe light. he said it works all good nothing wrong. He said he will through a warrenty on it. He got it from a trade for a new bar. He sells them around here gets them all the time.
  7. kitn1mcc

    kitn1mcc Senior Member
    Messages: 516

    the 9308 is an older bar. 48inches is small for a truck. on trucks for a roof mount got with 52inches min. or mount it on a rack
  8. Pirsch

    Pirsch Senior Member
    Messages: 596

    what if he's got a Dakota or a Toyota? :eek:
  9. overtime

    overtime Senior Member
    Messages: 153

    I have a s10 with a 7 6 straight blade. Just kidding. Full size chevy
  10. Hubjeep

    Hubjeep Senior Member
    Messages: 502

    HAHA, did a quick search on CL, this one looks good at a good price, needs amber lenses tho.

  11. chuckraduenz

    chuckraduenz Senior Member
    Messages: 345

    most bars are either a 49" or 60" dont think iv ran into a 52" evon tho its only a whoping 3"s big deal if its a 48". 4" or so isent gona gain ya much. i have a 49" 911ep millennium bar on a gmc k1500 pickup. and a 60" would be way to big unless its on a rack or something. but for a roof mount. a 49" or so would work.
  12. kitn1mcc

    kitn1mcc Senior Member
    Messages: 516

    the typical edge bar length ar 48,52,55,60

    48 cars small truck
    52/55 trucks
    60in larger trucks
  13. overtime

    overtime Senior Member
    Messages: 153

    well i didnt get the light. The guy ended up peein me off so i never went to go look at it even.
  14. Pirsch

    Pirsch Senior Member
    Messages: 596

    there was probably something wrong with it...atleast you don't have to put up with someone's crap!