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I was doing a general inspection on my truck yesterday, when I happened to notice something missing on one of the wheels. Three studs were broken (in a row) took it into the shop today to get it fixed. When I ordered the new studs from Chrysler the parts guy said he's never heard of this happening, seing as the studs are 5/8 of an inch thick. I'm just glad I made it to my mechanic before the wheel fell off.


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I had that happen a l-o-n-g time ago on my dually - was a result of the wheel nuts not being torqued properly. It's more common on DRW trucks than SRW ones, but in either case if the wheel can move just a little bit to begin with it works itself back and forth and over time, saws through the wheel studs. The holes in the rim often end up oval instead of round also.

Improper torque can be the result of a couple of things. Most obvious is not tightening the lug nuts up to the proper torque spec - and in the right sequence. Less obvious is having some dirt or rust in behind the wheel when re-installing: after a few miles it crushes and works its way out, now the wheels are under-torqued. That's why a re-torquing after some miles are put on is required.
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