Wheel chocks laying around

Just wondering what you guys would do.

We have a lot of big commercial properties,and around the loading docks they always leave the wheel chocks lying around instead of putting them back in the holders on the wall.They are a pain in the butt,especially running over one as they will stop the truck dead sometimes.They are usually chained to the wall of the building,so if you drag them off,the chain comes flying at you.Then they b*tch and complain we pulled them off.So,what would you do.

1 - Refuse to plow that area and have them complain.

2 - Get out of the truck and put them back so they are happy.Is very time consuming though as we probably have several hundred docks to do in a night.

3 - Push them up with the plow,which leaves some snow in front of the docks,so they complain.

4 - Rip them off with the truck and bury them in the snow somewhere,again they complain.

I was thinking of adding something in our contracts regarding this for next year,just looking for some feedback.
Owosso, MI
I think for now I would push them with the snow, especially if you have to come back and do any kind of clean up, then call who ever is in charge of that area and tell them when they fish all of them out of the snow you will come back and clean the areas up or you will have to dock on an additional charge for the labor for picking them all up. If they take the additional charge they will pass it on to the drivers which in return will get the message to start putting them back.
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Albany NY
My father runs a Walmart Warehouse here. They have some rediculous number of dock doors, a couple hundred and they never put them on the wall eithre. He was saying there's maybe one of every ten left in the yard, the rest are in the snowbanks. He said they just pick them up in the spring. I'd definitly charge a significant amount to fish their chocks out of the snow during a snow storm.

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