Whats your worst plowing bad habbit??


BG Ohio
Since we are all waiting for the snow to fall , thought id see what everybodys "bad habbits" are . ( pleaseeee no flask comments :) casey :nono: ) Gotta say mine are not coming to a complete stop before shifting ( dont do that often , about once per event ... just see dollar bills flying away) . My other one is backing up before i check the mirrors. Lot of close calls doing that , thankfully no "strikes" . This might be a dead thread , but id thought id try.


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Glastonbury, CT
my worst habbit has to be putting the truck in reverse before looking. i usually put it in reverse quickly looking, and back up a tad bit, but ive had a few close calls of people sneaking in behind me.


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Lately, I have been backing up too closely to bushes and tree branches. I think I can go back another few inches and then SCRAAAATCH! I backed into a bunch of sumac a few days ago that scratched up my taillight. I've been considering yanking my tailgate to give a better view.
Leaving my wallet in my back pocket

I usually wear a large set of cotton duck bib overalls and a heavy duck coat,which has no access to get at your pockets.Wallet is usually stuffed in my back pocket.Means I have to do the "Big Striptease" in a crowded coffee shop to pay for my Java.You'd think by now I'd learn to put my wallet somewhere else,but it always happens.


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Many times I forget to strap the Keg down in back. When I take off it slids away from the cab and rips the tapper line right out of the cab. The line usually gets cut on the sharp edges of the hole I drill into the cab. It's a real bummer.


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Listening to the weatherman, and taking his word for GOLD. Did it when I plowed for a Lawn and Snow back in the day, still catch myself doing it. I prep, double check and triple check materials, you know the usual, starts even when they are predicting it 4 and 5 days out.

What a bummer,,, getting better though.:nod:


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Bryan, Ohio
I hear you offroad.

I usually stay up all night... The night before. :D

Cant sleep when I hear the big ones comming...

Then It fizzles.



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monroe, ct
I agree with you Sno, I am usually up late anyway... and its been getting worse... and the last couple of storms fizzle out to 1" or less so no work... bites...

And Yard, if you strap the keg just under your flashing strob light... to raise it up a little higher.. and use gravity wiith the hose going thru the drivers windows that we all leave open plowing it works well..... .



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well theres only really one thing i do wrong.i forget to clean myself out before i go out plowing for 10 12 hours.number 2 seems to sneak up after getting in and out of the truck a few times.so i end up going out for 2 hours.drive all the way back to my house because its the only place i will go.......lol lol.typing about this makes me wanna go now...........i'll finish this later gotta run......fast!


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Central Indiana
1.) Being unable to sleep the night before the storm.
2.) Not turning off my strobes between jobs.:D
3.) Not looking well before backing. (no accidents thought)


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LaPorte Indiana
Either smoking or have a dip, since I have quit both recently, but is seems to keep me awake after long hours. That and watching the weather all the time, praying for more snow.


Mike 97 SS

The one and only one that I have, that I can think of was mentioned above, not looking before backing up consistently. I usually remember to, but sometimes I catch myself just starting to back up and then I think, oh crap, I forgot to look first. This usually happens when doing a lot, you get into a mode where you plow forward, stop, raise plow, back up, drop plow, and repeat. You go back and forth enough times, you start to not look back EVERYtime, you start to look every other time. LOL. Never backed into anything yet, due to not looking while plowing luckily. Its a terrible habbit to have. Mike


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Ok I have done this twice now. I have a guy who talks to much on the radio, the stuff if funny but your hear him all the time. So i am sitting there saying to myself, please shut up. So what do I do, some how click the mike open and say shut up. The next thing every guy is saying gee man lighten up.

Forgetting about that Hazelnut I just bought at 1am when its 130 and have to push a few piles back -LOL!!! :eek:

I also forgot quite a bit about the seat belt this past storm, when leaving larger lots. :rolleyes:

I somehow hit the alley light switch and was highlighting homes for about 3 blocks before I realized it was on between neighborhood routes.

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