Whats with meyers being sold on new trucks?


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I ve been looking at new trucks at my local dealer were i get my current ford worked on and all the new trucks with plows were meyers. Whats the deal? These trucks are priced about the same (few $'s more)than then the same truck with out a plow. Ive had a meyers and didnt mind it just wanted to try a trip edge (fisher) I also want to keep same brand plow for parts reasons. But is a good amount of money to save and the hassel of getting one put on the truck.


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I have heard that the new Meyer mounting system is the same as a Diamond. So I would think that you could swap the blade for a Diamond trip edge. You may be able to work a deal with the Ford Dealer or a Diamond/Meyer dealer if the blades are new. Give it a shot. I have not used a Diamond but they are similiar to Fishers and seemed to be a bit heavier duty.


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Meyer and Diamond use different Mounting systems? The Diamond frame kit is much more stronger. They share a simular desing in mounting systems. However you can't changes blades from one brand to the other. And yes Diamond is a tougher blade than Fisher.


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Geoff, If I am not mistaken, the headgear frame will interchange between Meyer and Diamond. That's the only thing I think is the same. It sure looked like it, at my buddy's shop last week, he had the headgear off a Dodge, putting a motor in the truck. I spotted the E -47 pump right away, and the "Meyer" headgear frame. He said it was another brand of plow. I said Diamond? he said yes, it's out back. Looked like a VERY solid plow. First one I ever saw here, up close. Not many in use.



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The basic design for the mouting systems are the same.

The share headgears, lights, hydro, and controlls.

On the new MDII system the desing is about the same however, their is a difference in the construction of some of the components.

Meyer and Diamond use different Frame kits, and Everything from the A frame forward.

Sometimes truck dealers buy trucks from equipment pooling COs with plows installed. So whatever the pooling CO sells for a plow is what the dealer gets. I went to a Ford dealer in Maine once, and looked at the trucks with Fisher's Installed. Was sure I would see the local Fisher dealer's sticker on the plow. Nope XYZ truck equipment in ABC Mass or some other state. I thought that was weird seeing Fisher's are built in Maine. I guess the plows go to mass get installed and get released from the pooling CO and sent back to Maine, kinda odd but thats how it works.



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Originally posted by columbiaplower
I ve been looking at new trucks at my local dealer were i get my current ford worked on and all the new trucks with plows were meyers. Whats the deal?
Cheap to buy and install=more profit at time of sale. Nothing more complicated than that.


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meyer factory is very close here so meyer plows on new trucks has always been the norm. boss is creeping in though with the v.