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Whats with all CAPS? JUST STOP!


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What is with these few guys using all caps? i and others find it VERY annoying. Why are they still doing it after repeatedly being asked to stop? i dont even read it if its in all caps. Why r u doing it? I think anyone who is asked more then once to stop should be banned. I mean nothing personal but its godda stop. I know u all agree with me.
Just Stop and we wouldnt have a problem. it makes no sence to do it



Since 9FT.PILES (the offender) is a guest, not a member, why not do what you do with a guest at your home that becomes obnoxious. Ask them to leave! Plain & simple. When reasoning doesn't work, then eviction does.

Big Nate's Plowing

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9 ft piles

i was talking to chuck and after i showed him e-mails i recieved belitteling me and calling me obcene names he talked to eric elm and as of 12:49 9 ft piles (she) cant come back or post, just passing it along,nate


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Central CT
I find all caps a bit less annoying than some of these animated gifs that clutter some members signatures. You guys with DSL, cable and T1 dont understand but for dialup ISPs (some of us have no other options) they can bog down a session.


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I could care less if someone uses all caps or not. I concern myself with the content.

I really enjoy being a part of this discussion forum. I've been plowing only one year and I think this forum has enabled me to carry on intelligent conversations with folks that I have met and have been plowing forever.


Eric ELM

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A guest is someone that is no longer a member here. The posts still are there, but a guest can't post.


While all caps is annoying, I am equally annoyed by posts that don't capitilize the first word of a sentence, don't use 2 spaces after a period, and that use non standard abbrevations, ie. u r instead of typing you are. I am not saying that I am not guilty of this, or that the post is worthless, but I just find it equally as annoying as all caps.

I agree very much with thelawnguy on the animated gifs. Since the graphic must be stored on another server, my pc must access that server as well to continue loading the page past the animation. I have run into the situation where a page would load as far as the animated gif, and then stop. My screen command box would say that it was attempting to contact host ( where the animated gif) was stored, and sometimes that host is slow or down, and I cannot load the page past that point. The same can happen for a regular pic. VERY ANNOYING. I know of at least one person that does not visit or participate in this site because his pc is old, and cannot handle the large graphics or animations.

Another point, they are hard on the eyes of some of the seeing impared.


Senior Member
Jaclawn, I was surprised, then puzzled, by your comment of being annoyed by not having double spaces following the end of a sentence. This is something I would not except from someone besides an English or Journalism major. More surprising, though, you yourself then didn't use double spaces. By the way, there are also several spelling and grammatical errors in your post. Your point is well taken regarding the difficulties of some computers not being able to handle graphics. I have the same problems, but attribute them to my equipment. I wouldn't expect others not to use their equipment's capabiliity, though.


4 Saisons

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As i said previously,i'm french, so, I'm probably the one who makes the most error per post.But the facts are that we are more concern about "the beverage than the bottle". Don't to forget to treat others like you wanna be treated: in respect !

BTW, like a dog running for is tail, Cpu and isp raise their performances...so software add design and colours and web site use more gif, picture, baner, shockwave and macomedia plug-in to get them more attractive. so internet isn't faster than few years ago using broadband.

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I meant that we should be more concerned with the message. No insult intended, 4seasons.



I have found this MB to be very informative and like it quite well. I can live with a few quirks.
When I remember, I use spell check. Sorry if I forget.
As for caps, I see no big deal.
As for animated signitures, I think there cool.(most of them).


I also think this is a great site and we should really focus more on content because that is what we are here for, to give advice.