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What's this worth?

Discussion in 'Used Plowing and Truck Equipment Forum' started by Q-Team Inc, Aug 2, 2005.

  1. Q-Team Inc

    Q-Team Inc Member
    Messages: 42

    Im thinking of selling my sander and i'm not sure what it is worth. Any help would be appreciated.

    Buyers Model SCH096SS Stainless Steel
    8' 1.8yard cap.
    Top screen
    Inverted "V"
    Extended discharge chute
    10 HP Tecumseh I/C engine with electric start
    Cab controls

    In great shape. Used 2 seasons.

  2. lorentzlawnsnow

    lorentzlawnsnow Senior Member
    Messages: 143

    i paid 1200 for a used one last spring that needed a little bit of work.
  3. echovalley

    echovalley Senior Member
    from CT
    Messages: 456

    just bought 2 new painted 2yrd sno-ways 9hp briggs,swing away shoot,tie downs,top screen $2,440 each he had stainless for $2,850 each.So maybe about $1800 for yours?