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"DOWN PRESSURE" on western uni-mount

i have tried a back blade something similar to this,( the picture in the web site you listed)but with not great success. i plow 95% driveways WITHOUT a back blade and it stinks. i wanted a back blade but would make it very difficult to manuever. (i plow with a longbed p/u w/ a western uni-mount 7 1/2 pro. i designed "DOWN PRESSURE" using the oem uni-mount hydraulics. i added a hyd. ram,switch and valve body, everything works off of the original hydraulics, so it is quite simple to operate. the magic is the electronic valvebody i designed to make it work. it also has an adjustable pressure relief valve so you dont "break" things. i have used it for 2 seasons w/o breaking anything. i would be intersted in trying the back blade listed in the web site, it doesnt hurt to try. happy holidays, PT.

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I need to backblade a few acounts,and last year i put a U-edge on my 7 1/2 Western unimount,(thanks Dino)The backblading improved 100% after that.When i bought the U -edge,I didnt know that it would backblade so good,it really helps.so if you want to backblade,try a U edge.


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The better back dragging ability was something that we found after the fact. We didnt know it would help when we first bought u edges, but it does help a great deal. In fact you can actually shave ice backblading with teh u edges. I had driveway apron that was plowed in with slush, and then froze. After going over it about 6 times or so, the u edge scraped all the frozen slush right off.

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