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What's the current hourly rate in the northestern Indiana area

Discussion in 'Bidding & Estimating' started by famouslee99gt, Nov 11, 2007.

  1. famouslee99gt

    famouslee99gt Member
    Messages: 68

    The general manager at the dealership I worked at asked me last week if I was interested in plowing the lot. He asked what my hourly was and I told him I would have to punch up some numbers. A couple years ago, my brother was subbing and charging $50/hr., but thats been 2-3 years, and gas was about $0.75 cheaper a gallon. From my understanding, the only bit of plowing need before hours would have to be a path up to and around the building. Other than that, the rest of the lot would be done during hours, while I would also be receiving salary pay. My brother suggested $60/hr, with the price of gas now.

    Does anyone have any ball park range at an hourly rate is in Northeastern Indiana/ Northwestern Ohio
  2. mmplowing

    mmplowing Member
    Messages: 56

    Im in NH so not your area but I aim for around $125 an hour.

    Good luck with the bid!
  3. famouslee99gt

    famouslee99gt Member
    Messages: 68

    In this area, last year we had maybe 3 snow events. I think I'll throw $60/hr at him and see what he says. About a month ago, they sold the shop'd old plow truck and haven't found another truck to replace it yet, so either they buy a new truck, pay some other contractor, or hire me to do their plowing.

    Thanks for the input. If anyone else has any input, I would appreciate it. This will only be my second year plowing, so I'm not up on pricing yet.
  4. TheXpress2002

    TheXpress2002 2000 Club Member
    from Canton
    Messages: 2,714

    I am in Southeast Michigan and I am charging $110/hr...........it also depends on the situation sometimes higher sometimes lower based on needs of the property. The overall average though is $110/hr for my company
  5. KGRlandscapeing

    KGRlandscapeing 2000 Club Member
    Messages: 2,660

    2 bucks a min usally covers cost