whats the best tire


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Whats the best tire goodyear makes?

What kind of tires work good on a 2000 gmc truck size/type/tread?

thanks jay :D


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OK, that helps - 16" wheels, right? I don't have much experience with Goodyears, but regardless of brand I would want a fairly tall tire (for example, 265 or 285 series) with an "LT" (Light Truck) rating and a good, aggressive tread pattern.


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I have some knowledge of the Goodyear line.

I would ask you several questions before I would recomend changing the size. There are alot of things that are effected by changing sizes and they need to be considered before hand.

One thing is the wheel you are mounting them on.
If the wheel is to narrow,(or tire to wide) you will get irregular wear on the tire.
This will far outway the cool way they make the truck look.

The amount of rubber on the road will not be increased if the wheel and tire do not match. The wider tire when mounted on a wheel that is to narrow will round the tread area. In fact some times it will decrease the amount of rubber on the road, even though it looks alot wider. This is a proven fact.

The other thing is wheel speed and what is affected by it.
The anti-lock brake system on the truck will not work right in a panic stop because a taller tire will take less rev's per mile then the stock tire. So the truck will THINK its going slower then it really is. Again its only a problem when you need it the most! A panic stop fully loaded down.

People do it all the time and never have a problem. I just think that all things should be considered.

As for the tread design. I like the Wrangler AT/S tire for an all around tread design. They are quiet, great traction, and they wear well.

Another tire that works well on that truck is the Wrangler RT/S.
The tread design will change alittle with different sizes, but all around it has been a great tire.

I have used both and I would lean toward the AT/S. I had them on my f350 crew cab 4x4 and they were great. I am now running the Wrangler MT/R wich is the new mud/rock crawling tire from Goodyear.
I will go back to the AT/S tire when I wear out these MT/R'S - they are great but I like the AT/S better for everyday driving.
Sorry so long on the post. Feel free to email me any questions.
I've been in the business a long time.


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Duh - I never thought about the ABS factor (probably 'cause nothing in my stable is new enough to have it! ;) ) Thanks for pointing that out Jack, along with the info on wheel width.

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