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What's the best plow?

Discussion in 'Commercial Snow Removal' started by pcs, May 22, 2001.

  1. pcs

    pcs Senior Member
    Messages: 129

    What's the most popular size plow for a reg. cab F-350 diesel?
  2. GeoffD

    GeoffD PlowSite.com Veteran
    Messages: 2,266

    9' straight blade

    8.5' V-Plow.

    Diamond and Fisher Are my Brand Choices.


    JD PLOWER PlowSite.com Veteran
    Messages: 751


    Pcs, around these parts an 8' Fisher is by far and away the most popular plow for a f-350 srw. This answer is going to vary a lot by geography though, so you can expect a lot of different plows to be mentioned.
  4. Dockboy

    Dockboy Guest
    Messages: 0

    I'm with Geoff,

    8 1/2 V only mine's a Western:blob1:

    I love the new smiles:laugh:

  5. SLC1

    SLC1 Senior Member
    Messages: 242

    I would get the Fisher either 8.5' or 9' straight or a 8.5' V-plow.
    I have always liked the Fisher plow and the truck should have no problem with a 9' plow. Just My two cents
  6. Deere John

    Deere John Senior Member
    Messages: 410

    Being from the Toronto area, I would recommend the made-in-Canada Arctic plow for a straight blade- they may make a 9', but I know for sure they have 8.5' models.

    I now (after Arctics for 18 years) run Boss vees, and I like them and I really like the dealer support and enthusiasum for my business. Dealer support should make it pretty high on your list of considerations. I won't recommend a brand, just the fact that I will never go back to a straight plow.
  7. 99SDPSD

    99SDPSD Senior Member
    Messages: 118

    If it is a F350 SRW. 8'2" or a F350 DRW. 9'2" Boss V.
  8. pcs

    pcs Senior Member
    Messages: 129

    What's the SRW and DRW stand for?
  9. pcs

    pcs Senior Member
    Messages: 129

    I think I just figured it out? Single rear wheel and Dual rear wheel.