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    wondering if I could get your $.02 on which mini lightbar is the brightest, and best deal for the money?:confused:

    I am looking to toss one on my truck and I am having a hard time deciding on what mini lightbar is the brightest and rotates fast? I am looking for one so that everybody will notice the truck.

    Let me know what you think
  2. NoFearDeere

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    I got my Whelen Responder Super LED bar for $300 at www.strobesnmore.com and you can see me better than than state and city plows!
  3. Wieckster

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    I am looking for the same answers I am loking at the SHO-ME Luminator LED which is 399
  4. LawnProLandscapes

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    i just bought a whelen mini edge for my truck from a fellow ps member. ill let you know how it is when i get it. i wont be mounting it until i get a back rack and ill take my ecco dual rotator off.
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  6. OP

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    Looks Awesome on the web!!! Do you have a video that you could post of it???
    Ill definitly keep that in mind!!!!:salute:
  7. troy28282

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    I have a Sho-Me Luminatior and love it. Its really bright and has great side visablity.
  8. NoFearDeere

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    I will see what I can do
  9. TLC Snow Div.

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    Get the Whelen Responder LP mini light bar with Linear LED's. Extremely bright and will last much longer than strobes or rotator lights while using less power. Here's a link and video:http://www.sirennet.com/whr2lphpa.html

    Other places sell the same product but the above link has a video and thats where i got mine.
  10. mulcahy mowing

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    Whelen responder lp 6 with the linear leds. bought mine for $300 its awesome so bright
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  12. iakentdoz

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    I love my Wheelen Responder Linear light bar! Very very bright.

    I know, State plows look weak compared the the responder light bar or any Linear LED's!
  13. toyman

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    I have the Able 2 from Sho-Me. Great light bar for just over $200.

  14. Fiafighterdude

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    the best is the whelen responder lp
  15. ultimate plow

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    Federal signal makes just as good products as whelen. The highlighter solaris LED beats the responder for off axis warning. The linear responders patterns can be switched in cab. As with the highlighter you have to change it with a magnet on top of the dome. Both bars are pretty equall, the highlighter just looks better too. Very stealthy. Cost is about the same
  16. mikelawtown

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    thinking about the lp myself..was thinkong about the sho me but i dont think the height would be good when we have 2+ inches....whats the solaris look like
  17. OP

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    Anyone else???:rolleyes:
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  19. BigDave12768

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    I got the Able2 Sho-me light bar its was like $240 shipped. It very low profile. Its very bright and has like 7 different flash patterns. PLus it never seem to draw down my volts like my old Whelan did on my old truck. The one for 399 from Sho-me is bigger and bulky looking on top of roof. I know someone that has one. But both have great visability from any angle. Oh one other thing I would recomend getting LED bar they make no noise at all. Unlike rotating ones
  20. ultimate plow

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    Highlighter Solaris