whats everones set up?

ultimate plow

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i was wondering what everyones snowplow set up was?
how big are you, hude, medium, small?
we have in service are the following:
1 ford f-350 dump truck,fisher plow,fisher salter,edge lightbar,
rear oval strobes on each end of the dump bed.

1 ford f-450, same as above but f-450 dump truck,

4 ford f-250's, 2 2001's, and 2 1995's, 2 with western plows and tail gait salters. the other 2 with fisher plows and fisher tail gail spreaders. all set up with a back-rack, a mini lightbar, 2 rear faching round par 36 work lights, and a pair of snowplow lights bolted to the back-rack facing to the front.

1 case bob-cat with a western uni-mount 9ft plow that does great in the winter.

let me know what you all have set up on your trucks.
stay safe


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I was told by someone who lives near Chicago that if its not red then people won't plow with it. Good to see a real plow in Illinois. LOL. Sounds like you have a nice fleet.


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I'm primarily running a 93 F150 with a 7&1/2' Fisher Minute Mount
I also have a 92 S10 Blazer with a 6' Meyer and a 88 Bronco II with a 6' Meyer. The Bronco was totaled 2-2001 and I am still waiting to settle with Allstate (they really s**k!). I have a small lawn tractor with a blade but I have not found much use for it. I have been in it since 96. I contract out to the Airport plus I have a steady customer base and I get stopped to do 1 time people who don't want to commit. We don't get alot of snow in Staten Island so this is about as big as I need to be. I have a enough driveway to warrant my own plow so it doesn't matter. I made $0 for the 01-02 season. I wanted to buy the Mrs a new Explorer, sell the S10 and relegate her 97 Grand Cherokee to the back up truck but I found out putting a plow on the GC is a resounding NO!