whats an e 57

Discussion in 'Meyer / Diamond Products Discussion' started by dirtmandan2, Feb 23, 2008.

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    ive never seen an e 57... what is the difference between that and an e 47... i see that the motor is the same as an e 60... is it just a different pump and motor? if so, is it fast like the e 60 and can i convert my e 47's?
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    It should work the same speed or faster than an e-60.... I am no expert but i believe the E-57 is the same pump from a 47 (a little newer and improved version) and a motor from an e-60... As far as converting? You should be able to just remove your e-47's and bolt on a E-57 no problem, I dont know if you can take a 47 and put a 60 motor on it...
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    The E57's are basically just an E47 with a bigger gear pump and the same motor as an E58/E60/E78.

    You can remove the pump and motor from the side of your E47 and bolt the E57 gear pump and E57/E58/E60/E78 motor right on with no other changes.

    Will make it as quick as an E58/E60/E78.

    Be forewarned though the E57 gear pumps are a bit pricey... and more so since Meyer discontinued the E57 series power units a while back.