What would you pay for this?

How much would you pay?

  • $600.00

    Votes: 6 54.5%
  • $700.00

    Votes: 1 9.1%
  • $750.00

    Votes: 1 9.1%
  • $800.00

    Votes: 2 18.2%
  • $900.00

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Well, I can see that the truck is in very bad shape, rust everywhere, I'll bet the floor boards are rusted through or have sheet metal covering the holes. Mechanically who knows without checking it out in person. If you can figure out how to make it worth it for me, I'll check it out in person. I live about 20 miles away.

Grand Blanc, Michigan


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I wouldn't gove him anything!

$0. I might take it for free just for the plow.. Maybe!

Why don't you add up all the money you would have to put into this truck to get it up and running as a good work/plow truck. Once you do that, I'm sure you can see you can take that money and put it towrads a lot nicer of a truck.

No sense in dumping a fortune into a P.O.S. like that!

Sorry, I know its not what you want to here!


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I wouldn't have it for free. He's telling you that the truck and plow both need major repairs. You can see both are majorly rusted. Maybe worth $40 around here at the junkyard - and that's if all the glass is good. He wants your two trucks? You'd might be better off selling one and fixing the other.

Chuck Smith

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It would cost a fortune just to have the front axle u joints replaced on that beast (Dodge had a unique front axle design). In it's heyday, that was an unstoppable tank when it came to pushing snow. On another note, parts from 69 - 91 interchange for the most part. It's still not worth it, unless you want to lay out the cash to get it back in shape. The plow control valves are no longer made, but you could get replacements that will work from Northern. You could also use a Monarch engine mounted pump, or a Barnes from Northern.

When the guy says it's a good driveway truck, or site truck, that means it needs LOTS of work, and if one brake line is leaking, then they all need to be replaced. It should be a JEEP (Just Empty Every Pocket)



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He's definitely asking too much. The only thing worth anything on the truck would be the plow itself. It looks to be more trouble than its worth and we ALL know nothing goes wrong untill the last store closes for the evening and there's 6" and falling. The only reason I'd by it for no more than $700 would be for the plow and maybe some other parts. But thats it.


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That $995 (US) currently bid is at least $1500 Canadian which is w-a-y too much IMO.

I say that because I paid $1500 for a tired Chevy 3/4 ton & plow a few years ago, never did bother putting it on the road. If I could do it over again - I wouldn't.

Sounds like the plow hydraulic pump needs work (very slow in raising) and from the picture, I bet the moldboard is a little thin in places. Best bet would be to stay away from this one, unless you're looking for a parts donor and can get it for a lot less $$$.


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Albany NY
This truck reminds me of an accident I had. A 1981 chevy half ton short bed, an X NIMO truck. They were asking $800, it would have been a nice project but it turned into something better.

Aunway....while test driving it the brakes went out going down a hill, me driving the owner in the passanger seat. This truck turned out to be so beat that the transmission wouldn't even catch to slow the truck down, not in any gear, I even put it in park. Then I tried the E-brake well it broke when I steped on it. Finaly I jumped out and left the guy in the passanger seat, the truck was headed for a sharp turn and the woods. The last thing I felt was me hiting the pavement the truck going over my foot and I caught a glimpse of my shoe being riped off of my foot. I laid on the street watching this guy jump into the drivers seat and hang a turn at about 45 and almost flip the truck over, he made the turn on 2 wheels and the door I jumped out of was hitting the ground the truck was so close to tiping over. I still have pictures of me with road rash all over. After an hour drive home with a broken foot and 3 hours in the emergency room I got a lawyer and won 15,000 in a law suit.



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Sounds like my luck was a little better than yours Casey - brakes quit working on that 3/4 ton I had but it was only used as a yard truck anyway.

These may not have been the responses you were looking for Nate, but I think it's pretty well unanimous: There's better deals out there!


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Looks like a good time to bring up my old plow truck mistakes. I bought a 1976 3/4 ton chevy pickup with a western plow. Was too young and excited to really check out the important things though! I bought the thing and drove it home in the dark. Once the reality of the next day came it made me sick. It was of course rusted with bondo slapped on to try and fill up the holes and burned oil like crazy. It had four different tires all bald and dry rotted. The plow however did work well and was in fairly good shape. I bought it real close to spring and " plowed " mom and dads driveway when we got about an inch of snow! One day I took it out for a drive and a loud bang happened and the truck stalled and would not start. It was already in the paper for sale though and a guy called to come look at it. He found that the wire to the starter got melted from touching the header and fried the starter. He went and bought a starter for it threw it on and payd me the $1200 I originally paid for it!

I didn't learn my lesson from that though. A little while later I bought a Scout with a western plow on it. This one was also very rusty but did not burn oil. The guy tried to warn me that sometimes it would not start and he didn't know why. Wouldn't you know it ... The first snow we got the thing wouldn't start! I was so mad that I spent the next two days loking over everything. It turns out that the main wire coming into the fusebox was corroded and it pulled out so no power was getting to the truck! I sold that off too without plowing a single flake of snow. I got my $400 back that I paid for it though.

I have certainly learned from those experiences and would agree that you don't want to mess around with that truck for any money.


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