What would you have done?

Discussion in 'Commercial Snow Removal' started by Michael F, Apr 6, 2001.

  1. Michael F

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    A former friend of mine just called pissed off. I bid on a homeowners association for landscape maintenance that he plowed, he frames houses(doesn't effect him). They then asked me if I would bid on the snowplowing, I knew what he was getting but still bid it higher than that(I didn't lowball him). Further more when I talked to the association, the weren't happy with him, so they probably wouldn't have renewed. They actually wanted to make sure we would be doing it, not subbing it to him. They knew we were friends, didn't know we had a falling out.
    I don't talk to him anymore, so why would I call him to let him know. If it was one of my friends that I am close with I would have let them know I was asked to bid, possibly not bid it or at least asked them about it, subbed it to them or somthing. My feeling is that way one of us at least might get it.
    This is the same guy that tried to screw me over last fall(didn't have insurance, wanted more $ than the value of what he was plowing). Of the stuff I had solicted for him, I gave it all to him wrote a letter that he was assuming responsibility & liablity, and gave him 90% of the money.
    Am I doing somthing wrong??
  2. John Allin

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    You're worring about it.
  3. DaveO

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    Well put.

  4. OP
    Michael F

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    Thanks John.
  5. Mike Nelson

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    First off

    Friends and business are totally seperate.

    and agree with John what are you worring about?
  6. 75

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    I'm in agreement too - with the idea that there's no reason to be worried AND that mixing friends & business doesn't always work out.
  7. Alan

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    Confucious Say

    Better to be pissed off than pissed on!
  8. GeoffD

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    Don't worry about it man. He didn't do the work up to par, thats his fault.

  9. plowjockey

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    Sounds to me like he made his bed, so why bother yourself if it is not comfortable for him?

    You did all you could to be fair and it seem that he didn't even do fair work.

  10. SCL

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    You've already settled this in your own mind. John couldn't be more right.Good friends and good competitors are hard mixes but professionals can communicate and still get along. There is no such thing as a bad friend, think about it. Bad competitors are called opportunities? Your just lucky he's not your relative:).
  11. 66Construction

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    You didn't do a thing wrong(Sounds like he did), I wouldn't loose a minutes sleep over it.