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what would you guys do !!

Discussion in 'Commercial Snow Removal' started by indianaplowboy, Feb 11, 2002.

  1. indianaplowboy

    indianaplowboy Junior Member
    Messages: 13

    Hi guys im new to the sight. Its my first season and got burned already . I have 8 accounts of my own and since we have had only 3.22" of snow all year I saw an ad in the newspaper, "subs wanted $50.00 an hour". So, I called and went to meet with him. He said, "Yep it's $50.00 an hour and I've been in business for 22 years and I cut checks every friday. We got 2" of snow up north close to me. I was the closest so he said, "this lot will be yours to handle". I went and plowed the way he wanted all the snow around back since there were no parking spots to give up out front. Then salted the loading ramps out back the manager of the plaza came out to tell me I had done a great job and thanks for getting it done before the store had opened. It took me an hour an a half to do so. I charged $200 for the job turned in the bill and waited for two weeks to be paid. So, I called him he wouldn't even talk to me and his secratary told me I would now have to wait for at least 10 snowstorms before he would pay any subs. I tryed to explain this was not the deal that he told me to begin with. She said she would have to talk to him and get back with me. She called back about ten mins. later and told me that he was terminating me and not to do anymore work for him. He also said, "I will pay you whenever I feel like it"!!!!! So my fiancee wrote a letter to collect on the bill that he owes. He called the house and said after the letter we had now put a hold on what we have coming to us. And said she was a fat a** bitc* and a peace of shi*. sorry the letter was long. So what would you guys or ladys do? or has something ever like this happened to any of you? I know its only $200 but it just the point. The way this winter is I need all I can get . thanks for listening guys! :confused:
  2. cat320

    cat320 2000 Club Member
    Messages: 2,224

    I would turn it over to my lawyer.
    He should of been up front with you and told you that it would bw after some amount of time or storms,But question what if we didn't get 10 storms would he still pay you this year or next??
  3. 75

    75 PlowSite.com Addict
    Messages: 1,382

    If there isn't anything in writing as far as a subcontractor agreement, I'm not sure there's a whole lot you can do.

    I'm a little :confused: by the sub rate of $50/hr, the 1-1/2 hours the job took and the $200 invoiced. $50/hr x 1-1/2 hrs = $75, is the balance of the $200 for salting?
  4. Manx

    Manx Senior Member
    Messages: 115

    I feel sorry for you
    I'm a sub and have almost the same thing going
    60 an hour and invoice on Friday to get paid the next week
    I've only plowed twice for them
    but my check has been in the mail on following Saturday
    there's all ways a @ss hole out there
    You can all ways sue in small claims
    and I'd call the plaza you plowed to let them know what kind
    of company there dealing with
    It's a small world out there
    I'm sure word will get around

    JD PLOWER PlowSite.com Veteran
    Messages: 751

    If it was me I would file a small claims suit against him, and if you know a lawyer have him write a letter to him about suing him for "mental distress" caused by his remarks to your fiancee. This last part is basically just to piss him off.

    I've dealt with jackasses like this guy before, ANYTHING you can do to piss him off is worth your time and effort. My money say's when you file a small claims suit he does'nt even show up and you will win on default. You may also want to get the manager to sign an affidavitt saying you did the work.

    As a contractor who use's subs on a regular basis this guy is bad news to every legitamate contractor in the snow industry. My .02 Good luck and be persistent!
  6. landman

    landman Senior Member
    from NJ
    Messages: 185

    First, did you have an agreement in writing? Did you have a clause that stated he would be responsible for collection? If so there is a Co called Trans World Systems that handles collections. In NJ We are a member of a landscape orginization that Trans World works with and they charge members a flat rate of $20.00 for debt up to $500. If you didn't have an agreement you could try to get the manager that told you that you did a good job maybe he can use some pull for you and tell the guy that contracted you to pay up or loose the contract. Or maybe it would be your chance to get the contract yourself! (that's spiteful) If that doesn't work then you will have to write it off as experience. and let it be a lesson to you, don't do anything unless it's in writing.
  7. John Allin

    John Allin PlowSite.com Addict
    Messages: 1,327

    I'm at a loss here too.
    $50/hr ... hour and a half ..... $200 ......
    Somethings not quite right, or we're missing some information.
    A fellow works for me for an hour and a half, and bills me for 4 hours, there's a problem..... again, unless we're missing something important.
  8. indianaplowboy

    indianaplowboy Junior Member
    Messages: 13

    Sorry about the mix up indianaplowboy

    Sorry about the mix up on the amount charged v. time. This is the fiancee writing you. Jimbo is still not thinking clear about this situation so some facts were missing. I have attached the letter written to the contractor. This should clear things up. Now I know firsthand how anyone feels once burned since I did run the plow and salt (which was minimal) also. Shame on him this time but you can bet no shame on me next time.
    Thanks for all of your help, "little green plow girl":eek:

    p.s. I did however hand deliver letters to the tenants of the plaza signing off on any liability exposure and directed them to the contractor. I did not commit any slander or libel in my letter to the tenants. I did cc: the contractor and this is what set him off to leave me such a lovely message. Thanks,

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  9. PAPS Landscape

    PAPS Landscape Member
    Messages: 51

    I'd go right down to his office and confront him face to face... some guy calls my wife those names, and he'd be in a lot of trouble... I'd eat that $200.00 just to get a crack at that guy..., but honestly... I would go to his office and talk to him face to face... The $200.00 you charge i am confused about for 1.5 hrs work... apparently you charged him for the salt too? I hope you have some kind of agreement in writing about the contract you agreed to with him. :rolleyes:
  10. Jason Pallas

    Jason Pallas Senior Member
    Messages: 662

    Go down and confront him in person and be firm (and not so happy). Don't threaten him - just let him kow that you're not screwing around and you want your money -- now. Usually, when confronted in person like this, people tend to aquiese and give up the $$. Good luck.
    I'd also go back and underbid him on that lot and tell the manager that you did a good job once, you'll do it every time like that. You're smaller and you can deliver better attention to him as a customer.
    I usually don't endorse "stealing" customers like this - but this guy is asking for it. You always take care of your help/subs first - they make you the money! Good luck.
  11. indianaplowboy

    indianaplowboy Junior Member
    Messages: 13

    Sorry about the mix up on the pricing . I was still a little upset when I wrote the post. Posted a new thered that says sorry for the mix up guys and attached the letter written to the contractor that should explain the price. Acually I did more work for him than I had mention.