what would you charge?

karl klein

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i om trying to figure what to charge for a line of town homes it is two streets wide every house on the street wich consists of:
a. 37 4 cars wide drives by two cars deep
b. 27 2 cars wide by 3 cars deep drive
c. all of the walks and steps.
please let me no what you would charge

2"-6" for?
6"-10" for
10"-13" for
13" and + for


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Nova Scotia
It's a little bit like asking how big is a truck?:confused:
If you have some sucessful contracts now, try breaking them down to a charge per sq/ft. So if you're charging $100 per push for a 1/2 acre lot thats about .45 of a cent per sq ft for example.
Take the sq footage of the job you want to bid and multiply.
I sometimes add an extra 10% if I have to move snow extra distances or charge extra if it has to be relocated etc. I find this works for most contracts. If I knew enough about your market to give you an exact figure, then I'd have to be in your market and then I wouldn't tell you because I'd might be biddding against you:drinkup:



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Are you going to have to backdrag all those parking areas or can you push to the side? How long is that street and how far do you have to push to pile snow? I'm assuming you mean the street is two "lanes" wide. How long is it and are there houses on both sides? Are you going to use a snowblower on the walks and steps or use an icemelter? How many square feet of walks/steps? One way would be to figure how long it's going to take and have a charge per sq ft.

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