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What would we do? So much snow

Discussion in 'Storm Pictures' started by 2FAST4U, Mar 8, 2008.

  1. 2FAST4U

    2FAST4U Senior Member
    Messages: 820

    Hey guys got this email dont know were there from but there COOL

    snow road.jpg

    snow road 2.jpg

    snow road 3.jpg

    snow road 4.jpg

    snow road 5.jpg
  2. 2FAST4U

    2FAST4U Senior Member
    Messages: 820

    some more from the email

    snow car.jpg

    snow house.jpg

    snow road 6.jpg

    snow truck.jpg
  3. Mark13

    Mark13 PlowSite Fanatic
    Messages: 5,796

    Looks like some good powder skiing to me.
  4. Quality SR

    Quality SR PlowSite.com Addict
    Messages: 1,830

    Someone posted on here, i cant remember if it was the 12' in NY or that big one in CO last year.
    Last edited: Mar 8, 2008
  5. merrimacmill

    merrimacmill PlowSite.com Addict
    from MA
    Messages: 1,823

    I know atleast the first few are from Oswego County, NY. Pretty amazing.
  6. jbrow1

    jbrow1 Member
    Messages: 76

    Cool pics....to look at. lol
    I would move.
    Good insulation for the house though, long as the roof didn't cave in!!
  7. SteveJ

    SteveJ Senior Member
    Messages: 141

    I like plowing, but if we got that kind of snow, I'm movin to Fla!!!!!!:D
  8. nosnownogo

    nosnownogo Member
    Messages: 47

    could stack snow like this guy in ottawa

    may be creativedesigns does his drive

  9. iceyman

    iceyman 2000 Club Member
    Messages: 2,925

    talkin bout keepin distance from ur neighbor
  10. hikeradk

    hikeradk Senior Member
    Messages: 109

    Thanks for the compliment

    I posted a bunch of those from Oswego the past two years of winter dumpings. Just a quick break in between our current rain ice and snow events happening in NY this weekend.
  11. jlouki01

    jlouki01 Senior Member
    Messages: 198

    It's from the North Pole where Santa comes from:)
  12. nicksplowing

    nicksplowing PlowSite.com Addict
    Messages: 1,226

  13. deere615

    deere615 2000 Club Member
    Messages: 2,919

    HOLY SNOW:dizzy: Everything would have to be done with blowers there
  14. shepoutside

    shepoutside Member
    Messages: 88

    The ways is storming here, in Ontario, some of them pic's could be here :eek:
  15. gordyo

    gordyo Senior Member
    Messages: 527

  16. plowman4life

    plowman4life Senior Member
    Messages: 557

    idk about u guys. but id be clearing lots with a flamethrower. lol diesel fuel and a lighter.
  17. riverwalkland

    riverwalkland Senior Member
    Messages: 401

    there is another similar pic to your first few, where an excavatoris reaching down fromt he top, breaking upthe snow for a blower. What i don't understand is. If the snow is hard enough, you can drive a big excavator on top of it, why not just drive up there...
  18. WingPlow

    WingPlow Senior Member
    Messages: 634

    the pic with the excavator looks like it sitting on a big drift which would make it a little harder then just regular snow...plus being a track machine it probably has very little ground pressure unlike a rubber tire machine
  19. 99zr2

    99zr2 Senior Member
    Messages: 271

    I got a couple of those pics.



  20. bharry20

    bharry20 Senior Member
    Messages: 124

    that is mother nature's way of saying "would you like me to super size that son of a b**ch for ya!"