What would cause a cutting edge to wear unevenly


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In the picture you can see that the cutting edge is worn unevenly. The drivers side is worn at least an inch more than the passenger side.

Anyone ever seen this before or have an idea why that would be?

2016 Chevrolet Silverado....cutting edge uneven.jpg

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I assume all plows have some sort of lateral play in the blade. Maybe the guy drove around a lot and angled his blade left , scraping the left side at 50mph.

I would think it's adjustable, or at least repairable


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The leading edge wears faster when plowing, but the amount of wear there seems excessive like 90% plowing to the right. Unless maybe the left shoe fell off and was not replaced or something strange like that.

With no history and that image i am going to have to agree with the "something is bent" guys above.


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Looks like he plowed more to the left.
Possibly roadways, the missing paint on the moldboard on the same side is from leaning it into curbs which would put more weight to the cutting edge on that side.

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Driving around, from site to site, I've unintentionally scraped my blade on dry roads, as I had the height set too low, compensating for air flow into the radiator.

It caused thei left side corner cutting edge to wear faster because of friction on dry roads, in between jobs.

My blade is usually angled left , as not to distract other oncoming drivers, unlike the local tools who drive around with their 9 ft blades parallel with the front of the truck. Why they can't angle their blades is beyond me.

Gotta love when the ends of your blades pass each other at 40mph.

The edge in that photo is evenly worn on an angle, so sumthin Elsie is happening there

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