What ? Western And Fisher Are Sister Companies


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Not really sure where Blizzard Plows came from but I am guessing Meyer or Boss.

I have know for a long time that fisher and western are owned by the same company. However I still feel that the fisher is a much better built plow.



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While it is true that Fisher and Western are owned by the douglas Dynamics, Meyer and Diamond are owned by a different company. This is evident by the fact that while Fisher and western are SIMA member s and meyer and diamond are not. I am thinking like Loomis or the like for meyers parent company but not sure.
Blizzard plows are somehow related to boss, but not owned by boss. Its like the kids of the boss founder came up with the idea for the blizzard.

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Dino is exactly on the mark.

Douglas Dynamics does not own Meyers or Diamond.
Meyers and Diamond are owned by the same parent company.
Blizzard's inventor is the son of the fellow that came up with the Boss plow - although he does have a partner.
And, Dino is also right that Meyers and Diamond are not SIMA members - however Douglas Dynamics is a tremendous advocate of SIMA and our ideals (as are alot of other manufacturers - I'd name them all but I'd leave someone out and don't want to irritate anyone inadvertently).

After surfing around all day. Here is the scoop
Meyers and Diamond and Swenson are a part
of the louis berkman corp and wholly owned
by AK steel holdings.
Fisher and Western aka Douglas Dynamics LLc
Are wholly owned by AK Steel holdings also.
Check out the western web home site.
Its right there.................
Did you know berkman corp. also owns
Permatex gasket sealers and a bunch of
related companies ?????????
AK steel sells 52 % of their rolled steel to ALL
the major auto mfrs ???? WOW..................Geo
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