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I work as a general landscaper in cincinnati. I wrecked my s-10 into a telephone pole. I was looking at a dodge dakota. Is this a good choice? it will be mostly used for hauling plants, tools, mulch, and topsoil. I also have a small trailer that holds about 4500#


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Dakota's are ok because you can get up to a 360ci V8 in them. But why not go for at least a Ram 1500? Check out the prices on Edmunds.com which is a great website for the car buyer. As for me, my next truck will be a 3500 series. Probably a Chevy which seem to be the cheapest. They can be had for under $24K. Or if the whole Duramax/Allison thing works out and are all still running well in a couple of years I may get that combo. The benefits of the much bigger truck are numerous. Suspension that is made for towing, Brakes that can stop any load fast (something a Dakota cannot do), Tranny that can handle towing. I guess it all depends where you are in your business and whether you plan to ever haul anything of size. I just looked at your post and you said hauling topsoil and mulch? No way I'd go with anything under a 2500 and I'd try for a 3500. Not much price difference. Plus get a 4WD and you can plow snow. You can probably make all the payments just from the plowing profit. Good Luck

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Barkleymut is right on about the Dakota.
I just traded up to the 2500 Ram Diesel. The Dakota has plenty of power but it doesn't have the weight or brakes that your going to need in the future. Diesels are expensive to buy, but cheaper to operate. Especially with the gas prices going thru the roof.


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RAM 1500

Would the RAM 1500 4x4 be solid and strong enough for my use? I will be hauling a 12' landscaping trailer in the summer with approx 1000# of equipment and then planning on putting a poly plow up front and plowing in the winter...

I know the 2500 has the nice diesel, but in a used truck, it seems like they are good $5k more than the 1500 with a big gas V8... Trying to control costs for a start-up...

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