What type of De-icers do you use?

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I'm new to this can you tell? I've posted more in the last few days than I have all year. Anyways, what type of de-icers do you use? Especially when the temps are never 0 degrees? Also how many use salt vs. sand or both? How much does the stuff you use cost? THANKS


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Ok, I am the last person you probably want to ask. This is because my answers are 20 years behind the time.

Sand/Salt mix: I have 3 mixes
50/50 I just started useing this one after a recomendation from the Maine DOT.

These mixes are only for lots, drives, and roads.

Tar walkways get rock salt if the temp is above 25.
Brick and Cement walks get Calcium Cloride

Calcium Cloride also gets used on tar walks when the temp is below 25.



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Do a search under magic, and see what thet brings up. We starteed using magic -0 last year in bags and now use it in bulk form. It works very well if preapllied. If you have snow and 1/2" more and try to melt it, it will take longer than other products. If you shovel or plow first and then apply it is awesome.
One thing it does really well, is it will keep pack from forming between the snow and ashpalt.


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Rock Salt - Rock Salt - Rock Salt.

We buy it in bulk for $39/ton. How does that price compare guys?

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